By ShutTheFuCupcake - 13/05/2014 23:46 - Canada - Calgary

Today, I flexed so hard for a selfie, I gave myself a hernia. FML
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Really? You care that much about a selfie? Please, get over yourself.

I pushed the "YDI" button so hard it gave ME a hernia.


Really? You care that much about a selfie? Please, get over yourself.

That selfie must have been a good one

That selfie better be a good one

this guy probably has about as much muscle as spongbob

he needs to get his priorities straight. no picture is worth that much time consumption bc no one really cares as much as you about your flexing. one every now n then is fine, but pictures shouldnt go through that much planning. good luck with the hernia, you tried too hard.

No not Spongebob:-P. Spongebob probably has more.

OP: "I think I have to go to the hospital, but first, let me take a selfie."

Mistake #1: Don't take selfies

There's nothing wrong with selfies, it's just the way people have been doing them that's not the greatest.

spongebob does have more. he lifts two (count 'em; two) marshmallows.

aha #106. Maybe this guy bought anchor arms.

I want proof of this selfie...

dude probably can't even bench press a kleenex

And this is a fuck your life how? You definitely deserve it. It's fine to take a picture of yourself, but don't try too hard. :)

Prices must be paid for vanity. Sorry OP but YDI

Man, that one day gym experience sure is dangerous.

And you have a profile pic of a selfie... Irony

This is FML, not twitter. Please stop with the hashtags.

He's not flexing #69, irony?

72, it's appropriate here because there's a good chance the selfie in question was going in Instagram. #Fucktard would fit nicely underneath it.

Instagram strait flexin

I pushed the "YDI" button so hard it gave ME a hernia.

I laughed so hard I gave myself a hernia.

I clicked thumbs up for your comment so hard, I gave my mouse a hernia.

This got old so fast, this post got a hernia

sounds like you give yourself out quite a bit, #64

That's exactly what I was thinking #10. I don't understand how someone could do that. I didn't even know that was possible.

This selfie trend needs to die. I get that some people share selfies IN MODERATION to feel confident and share their current look but the constant selfies and selfie obsession thing is just overkill. Some idiot actually killed himself trying to compete in some stupid selfie game. Hit his head on a toilet and bled out while unconscious -_-

if the selfie trend did die, people would just take a selfie at the selfie trend funeral

I took one last night with an app that gave me a top hat, a monocle and a moustache. I looked so fancy. But I take one a week at most, some people take way too many.

But that's actually pretty cool! The horribleness comes when a person has a 20 selfie quota per day.

Or when every single one of their pictures looks exactly the same. I hate that. Why even post a selfie at that point?

God I think I post maybe 4 a year? five or six at most if there's a big event or two like prom or a wedding. I don't understand how some people can post so many all the time...

If you haven't taken many selfies, you haven't travelled alone! However, the trend of selfies for the sole purpose of showing off has to go.

you gotta find the apps that make selfies look cool as fuck. I always trip my friends out with fake twin selfies.

Of all my years of having a front facing camera, I have only taken TWO selfies. And that was with my family.

If you had to flex that hard, you probably need more time in the gym.