By Anonymous - / Monday 5 October 2009 17:28 / United States
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Ok, OP, I wanna know. Are you from Mass or is she? Mass is bad enough without these shanagins. Can't you find a girl that you can creep on and get sprayed by wherever you are from? God I hope you arent from Mass, knowing my luck you are probably my neighbor or something.


Today, I was mowing my lawn and it had a dry looking dog turd. I figured I'd be able to mow it easily into the grass bag as dust. Instead, it still had enough moisture to splatter into clumps. Including a couple that went up my left nostril. FML

By Furzball / Friday 27 May 2016 06:19 / United States - Wildomar

Today, I saw a large spider carry away the body of a dead spider in the bathroom. In my anthropology class, we learned one of the first signs of civilization is caring for the dead. First, they become civilized, and next, they take over. I will never sleep again. FML

By BloodFaerie - / Saturday 30 June 2012 06:49 / United States - Cleveland
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