By Anonymous - 21/10/2010 17:33 - United States

Today, I flashed my boobs at my boyfriend's boss. My boyfriend was wearing tan pants and a black sweater. His boss was wearing black pants and a tan sweater. From 100 feet away they looked the same until my boyfriend came behind me wanting to know what I was doing. FML
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Why would you flash someone in public anyways?

Haha.... Maybe, you can get him a raise.


Haha.... Maybe, you can get him a raise.

im sure this happens everyday?? haha i kid, thats awkward

wait for the boss to get you alone saying if you don't fuck him like the slut he now thinks you are then he will fire your bf

something got a raise...

thats wat my baby said wow wow wow :p

Ur the perfect gf will u go out with me ?!?!!

why would you try to flash him at his place of work anyways. YDI Op.

What's with the color coordintation between your boyfriend and his boss? That's kinda weird, I'm more worried about that. :b

I'm with 99 why the eff would you flash your bf at work ESP from a hundred feet away?? YDI

bet you got the boss's entire lower class a raise

Why would you flash someone in public anyways?

The better question is, why wouldn't you?

For the second time, stop submitting useless comments like "lol win"! We can judge that for ourselves.

boppity wins! ohh wait nevermind

lol sooo true ;D

lol. win. better? I added periods

I'm a little confused. :) Who's comment is a win? Lol

I'm a little confused. :) Who's comment is a win?

I agree; who is comment?

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Wow. Why are you such a bitch? Seriously. It was a typo on my part. Well actually two. I'm on the app and it double posts my comments a lot.

Easy, there. I didn't mean to offend. I apparently did, so my apologies to you. *Sweeping bow* I beg your forgiveness.

The better question is: Why would a 15 year old(#17) think about or want to flash at all? Conserve yourself.

Um, 73, who said anything about me flashing or wanting to flash anyone? It was a joke. You don't know me, so don't tell me to conserve myself.

Um, 73, who said anything about me flashing or wanting to flash anyone? It was a joke. You don't know me, so don't tell me to conserve myself.

Your comments were a little misleading. My bad, though. =]

Well just take a joke lol. I think what OP did was stupid. I'd never flash anyone in public. That's dumb.

because only ugly girls flash their boobs keeps us looking at their face

80 - U jelly my boobies?

And the Hypocrite of the Day award goes to Hgielad_720, for calling someone who made a joke at her expense a bitch, then turning right around and telling someone else to just take a joke!

Actually, 83, boopity has been making rude comments on some of my posts this evening, and I was just tired of it. I don't care if she was joking or not, it was getting annoying. And don't call me a hypocrite, I didn't offend anyone by making the joke I made.

I like how you think 17

Why thank you, 86 :)

1. I am, last time I checked, not a girl. Kindly don't refer to me as one. 2. They were not rude comments, they were merely sardonic. 3. You should said, "Stop," before flying into what appears to be a rage. 4. I apologized profusely, and I'm a little irritated because you seem to be ignoring that fact. 5. "Take a joke."

Okay, so I just looked at your profile, and I'm going to post an unaltered quote. "I really don't care if my comments offend you, because 99% of the time when I make a rude comment, it's a joke! So if you take it literally then you're kind of an idiot."

Sorry. How was I suppose to know? I didn't get on your profile. And yeah, most of the comments that *I* make are a joke. That doesn't apply for anyone else other than myself, unless it says that on their profile.

just stop cuz u kno ur wrong and u just can't admit that you have lost. therefore you fail, good day miss

108, please do not try to correct or insult me until you learn to type with better grammar.

109 Shut up. Thanks.

110, get over yourself, you bitch. And shut the fuck up, kay? :D

this is going no where just let her turn her life into easy A

111, get over YOUR self. You asked why someone wouldn't flash in public, and then said that it would be stupid to do so. You wrote in your profile that most of your rude comments are jokes, and when someone made a few rude-but-joking comments at your expense, you flipped out, and then proceeded to tell someone else to take a joke. Whenever someone points out that you've acted stupid, you attack them. Maybe you should think before you post comments. Have a nice day now :)

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119, I'm so glad you know everything. We need more people like you in this world.

122, I wanna let you know that I made an account here just to tell you this: SHUT THE FUCK UP! hahah you LOSE ok??? So get over it and leave. you're the only person here defending your dumbass self :] have a horrible day haha

It's cool. If you're lucky, and really apply yourself, maybe someday you'll be more like me yourself.

Because then people will then think of you as a dirty slut?

Arguing over the internet about tits... Son, I am disappoint -_-

154, isnt that the point of the internet? :D

Why would you flash someone in public anyways?

a) they weren't even wearing the same outfit! Black top, tan bottoms != tan top, black bottoms b) why were you flashing your boyfriend in public, and (from the sound of it possibly) *at* his workplace? Do you *want* him to get fired?

i'd say she wants to get him a raise.

thanks for being a public whore. we appreciate it

ikr stupid slut

I would appreciate it

this is highlarious... this is to show how immature you are...! ha ha ha

and you are so fucking mature with that gun

You flashed in a public place, you should have known there was a big chance other people would see.

public area-- a place where people judge you, criticize you, ridicule you, evasdop on you, potentially beat; mug; or kill you, and most importantly see you.

Ahahaha, that's hot. ;)

I just said that now

Haha well um, that's....awesome :D

I was thinking the same thing(;

Well you know what they say, great minds think alike. ;)

The opposite is also true, you know.

wow, you're hot!

what's true? that 2 idiots fart with direct butthole to butthole contact?

Agreed , she is hot !

ur hot 61 is hott

Lol thanks. :)

If you gave the boss a raise, maybe your bf will get one, too. If you've got ugly tits with those awful pancake nipples, he'll be fired first thing in the morning.

lmao pancake nipples...distasteful

I always thought it was pepperoni nipples

nah, dinner plate nipples.

hah pancake nipples

Picturing it made it even funnier. Don't flash in public unless you intend on other people to see, makes you look sluty. :