By stampslife - 28/11/2014 08:00 - Canada - Agassiz

Today, I finished watching an entire movie after boarding the plane, before the plane even took off. FML
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Was it a good movie?

at least you had a movie to watch. not the blank scene outside your tiny window


Was it a good movie?

#17 you take that back! Adam Sandler is a national treasure

If so, then he is a treasure better left buried in the sand ...just like my comment is about to be!

to each their own

It would've been funnier if 17 said Nicholas Cage XD no offense 17

My momma says #17 is the devil!

@19 if you think he's national treasure then listen to At a Medium Pace by Him. Then tell me if u still think he's national treasure.

A year or so ago, Jack and Jill was the in-flight movie on a plane I was on. We were in the air over the Atlantic and people still got up and left.

If it was Movie 43, no, because that movie was fucking horrible.

We spent 2 and a half hours on the Tarmac in Tampa, meaning we had to get a different flight back to London. The only difference is that we had no drinks or tv

at least you had a movie to watch. not the blank scene outside your tiny window

how long would the drive have been? You got to fly through the air!

Time well spent. Right?

New way of getting around air traffic control i see. Atleast its better than them circling around the airport in air before they are "clear" for final approach :)

Well, time for a second one! :)

As long as the movie wasn't "Airplane!", I think you'll be fine. Roger, over.

Surely, you'd agree that's a funny movie?

Yes, and don't call me Shirley.

And that's how OP got over his drinking problem!

Was the movie snakes on a plane?

Air travel is fun, huh?