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Today, I finished the run for a play in which I played a gay man. Now that all the performances are over, I have kissed a man more times in my life than I have kissed a woman. I'm straight. FML
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FML depends on your age. If you're young, then it doesn't matter; you've got time to make up for it. If you're older, well, then... yup, FML.


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I cannot believe how ignorant you are. You don't become gay. It's not something you choose. You can date people of the same sex, but you won't feel attracted to them, which renders the whole thing pointless. Post-op transsexuals identify themselves as the gender they want to be, not their biological gender. So technically, no, they're not 'both'.

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How stupid can you possibly be??? Do you understand the concept of a play? Let me explain it to you: people get cast in roles of characters other than themselves to portray stories which are not their own lives. Do you get it? In said plays, characters are given stage directions to follow, including use of props, specific movements, gestures, and actions. The OP stated that he was in a PLAY where his CHARACTER was gay, and wherein his CHARACTER was required to kiss another male CHARACTER, potentially also played by a straight male for all we know. This does not count, in any way, as consensual kissing that the OP chose of his own free will. He was saying that between all the performances of this play (see concept above if you've forgotten already) that the total times he'd had to do this for his PART added up to more than the total number of times he had kissed a girl, as himself, because he wanted to. Do you see the difference? I do. There is nothing about this that makes the OP gay. Unless he liked it, which is a completely different story, and not the one that he posted.

It is not about who you kiss it's about who/what you're attracted to. A gay in the closet is still gay even if they have kissed more of the opposite sex. And vice versa. And what a horrible thing to say about your children! I like #82's comment!

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And we have a genius on our hands! Go refresh yourself on genetics,sexual orientation and the concept f acting then come back and try again.

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yah keep trying to believe it, but, op, ur not straight. ya srry

FML depends on your age. If you're young, then it doesn't matter; you've got time to make up for it. If you're older, well, then... yup, FML.

Woow that's so gross, i would never kiss a man. Even when im an actor.

Woow that's so gross, why would you kiss a man when youre straight??

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HE WAS IN A PLAY!!! CAN'T YOU IDIOTS COMPREHEND WORDS? He was ACTING! He didn't exactly go out of his way to go kiss his male co-star. ******* Christ. Me thinks evolution is not happening fast enough to get rid of illiterates like you

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I agree with you #4. Even if I was "acting" I would be just too grossed out over kissing another guy. And before any of you clowns call me a homophobe, first of all, you're stupid for not knowing what that means, and second, if gays want to do that, fine. Not me.

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aqiure a taste for that man meat!

#3/4 - way to be a close-minded douchebag.

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#7 Pretty sure I'd never agree to kissing a girl. It's not close minded... it's freaking normal. Just because it's all the rage to come out of the closet now a days doesn't mean it's normal to kiss people of your own gender.

#10 - i'm not saying you don't have to say "oh, i love kissing people of my same gender!" i'm not gay either, and i wouldn't do it. i'm just saying it's immature and offensive to say EWWWWW when there are so many people who would be offended by that.

Wow, you're idiotic. It's not normal to kiss people of the same gender? Oh yeah, that's real open-minded. No. You can't say "it's not being close-minded, it's being NORMAL!". You're being a hypocrite.

Agreed with #18 . I'm straight . I like men . I wouldn't kiss girls , 'cause its not my sexual preference . But people who have a sexual preference for the same gender shouldn't be treated differently , should they ? No . They shouldn't . There people too . . God damnit . What is our world coming to ? :(

was that in reply to me or the other person? because it sounds like it's to the other...but i just want to be sure

Unfortunately, close-mindedness is the norm...

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By the definition of the word normal, it is not normal to be gay. There's nothing wrong with being gay, but considering homosexuals make up a small percentage of the population, you can't claim that it's normal. Just like having a 130+ IQ, being left-handed, or being diabetic are not normal.

I hope you're being sarcastic. I have a 142 IQ, am left-handed, and my grandma is diabetic. Just because it's in the minority does mean it's unnatural.

unnatural == abnormal. People are in such a hurry to find something to get offended about that they will misconstrue anything and everything they can and look for something "offensive."

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maybe he joined drama to get drama girls, but got drama dudes

hey, all the drama dudes in my school are really good looking, i'd be glad to mack drama dudes ;) then again im female lol...

If you didn't want to kiss boys more than girls then you shouldn't have joined up in an event where you kiss boys. YDI.

i have two questions for the OP - 1) what play was it and what character did you play? because i wouldn't be surprised if it was RENT and RENT is the bomb. 2) why are you complaining? you didn't have to take the role...

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Hahah, I was thinking the same thing, about Rent.

I was hoping either RENT or LA CAGE AUX FOLLES. :D Both are awesome musicals.