By death bed - 13/02/2013 17:20 - United States - Schaumburg

Today, I finished my shift at the nursing home. There was too much snow on the roads, so most of us had to stay overnight. Not only did I not get to go home, I also got stuck sleeping in the same bed that a resident had died in the night before. FML
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No wonder they call it the graveyard shift

I would have nightmares....


I would have nightmares....

And..the floor wasn't an option, OP?

That would scare the life out of me. Too soon?

What if the persons indention was still in the mattress?

#1 beat ya

I would of slept in my car lol

Surely thru have a lounge/den in the nursing home? Set up a bed on the floor and go to sleep woman!

@68 would've*

I wonder what "too much snow on the roads" is in the States? In Canada, there's no such thing.

At least you can prepare for and practice your last words.

That makes no sense in this situation.

Yeah I'm kinda thinking that OP will most likely not die... Let us know though, OP!

#2, I read your comment a few times and I still could not understand the relevance of your comment. Why would OP need to practice her last words? She's not the one dead or dying

I think a fear for some people when sleeping in a bed that someone has died in is dying themselves. For others it's being haunted or something, for some it's just the spook factor... That's what I think the comment meant

I think sleeping in the bed of the newly dead would remind some of their own mortality. One way of coping with that might be thinking up clever last words.

No wonder they call it the graveyard shift

The skeleton is out of the closet now.

They also call it the "shift when everything happens"... I know a Cop who calls it the "Oh Shit" shift because a good portion of the calls he gets, the first words he says are "Oh shit"..

That's scary.

Really? I thought it would bring a smile to your face and joy in your heart

Did they at least remove the body?

Why would they do that? That would ruin the rotting process that makes the room smell wonderful for the rest of eternity!

The saddest part about this is that you seem dead serious.

That would be my luck. LOL

that would be OP's luck actually...

i would be scard and have nightmares for months thats scary

You have an Scard, damn, hey I still have my Vcard, we should hook up.

That sounds very grave. I've been dying to use that pun, I ap-euologise everyone

Now, now, don't get all morbid.

#14, in that situation, you can have morbid or less bed.

This humor's getting too grave! I'm just going to wither out of this thread.

You're going six feet under!

What's with all the puns? This is beginning to be tomb much for me. I'm dead serious.

Guys, seriously, this is not punny...

It not like the human body gets any grosser than it already is in the little time the dead body spent in the bed. Still, very bad timing. FYL.

Except for the voiding of bowels, bladders and other orifices.

But I'm sure you'd get a lot of that in a nursing home

The body still decays and just imagine the bacteria

Well that sucks OP... But at least you are(/was) in better shape than the resident. Haha lol, FYL