By Anonymous - 13/10/2009 16:00 - United States

Today, I finished moving to my new apartment that is 45 minutes away from my old one because my workplace would be closer. I then get a phone call from my boss telling me that he will transfer me to another workplace (closer to my old apartment). FML
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talk about a moving experience

Let's see, how about you say "no"


talk about a moving experience

oh snap.

you might want to try another shift

A shift back to his old apartment or a different shift at work? XD

Why were the parenthesis needed if it was a main part of the story. Grammar Nazi!

It doesn't really matter, dude. And, OP, that just sucks big time. What's with your boss? Well, I hope you have lots of fun moving back. :D

Non-natives are often better at English spelling and grammar than natives, believe it or not.

Cool, #17, but no one asked who had the best grammar.

Fourth! And has anyone noticed a theme involving 45 minutes?

and actually ThaMC, you're fifth.

ahole bosses

ninth!! sorry I know its not important but I wanted to do it!! damn so much for moving away. Time to move back!!

YDI for being so stupid. Didn't it occur to you to ask your employer about job stability etc BEFORE moving? Sooo stupid.

Next time you break a bone, I'm going to tell you "YDI for being soooo stupid".

this is so not FML worthy.