By inpuredeceit - 17/03/2011 23:37 - United States

Today, I finished and turned in the last of the seventeen major projects for the company I work for. As I was walking out of my boss's office, I hear her ask her assistant "She finished everything we didn't want to do, can we fire her now?" FML
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ouch. you should take those projects back or ruin them now.

Take the projects, and screw over your boss =) Fuck with them =D Or, you know, start looking for loopholes and a new job =P


wow time to look for a new job. It sucks when employers use you that way.

There must be a reason she dislikes you so much... Do you complain about work to the public? You did post an FML about work. I'd hate you, too.

Or butting into other people's business and criticizing their actions and thoughts. Not all journalists complain. was sort of a joke. I don't really hate people. :)

If you don't like it, go sit in the street, my friend (:

You're right. I'm sorry.

oh good god yes!!

I swear to god the comments on FML are better than the OP, always get a good laugh ^.^

26 if you don't like it go on the Internet and complain

shutup already 26! your a f***ing whiner!

not sure trolling is ban-able. cause your last statement was blunt and without I'm assuming, troll.

@justalilrandom: I'm not sure how he's going to moderate and ban you, given he isn't a moderator... So calm yourself down, everyone, and yes, the reply button is for replying to a comment, not for getting yours to the top of the page.

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ouch. you should take those projects back or ruin them now.

you can always sue. it's your right as an American.

Sue everybody! It's pathetic that lawsuits have become the first thing to come up when a problem arises.

I think it's awesome. SHOW ME THE MON-AAAAYYY!!!

actually op can't sue because she works for the company and if she did sue the most she would be able to argue is wrongful firing

lmao sucks 4u u got USED!

Get used to it. People will take advantage of you throughout your whole life, and not everyone will like you. Your boss doesn't have to 'be fair.'

doesnt mean you gotta put up with that shit

cldean24 4

No one said that.

Make it a learning experience. Next time, try to get a contract for friable offenses or something, and a list of crap like this you're safe from. And you might not get fired, you never know. :P

Take the projects, and screw over your boss =) Fuck with them =D Or, you know, start looking for loopholes and a new job =P

Great. "Today, my former company won a judgement against me for damages when my sabotaged powerpoint presentation cost them a contract. Now, not only am I unemployed, I owe them more than I made the entire time I actually worked for them. FML"

I'd say YDI for not checking the work of someone you used to do it then fired straight away, sort of had it coming really.

where's everyonelovesboners???

Either blowing DocBastard, or he got ass-fucked with the ban hammer.

Vell diis zucks vor jouuu!! me zawweee opp D:

French accent? Niiiice

Wow, your boss is an awful woman. I'd resign and start looking for a job now if I were you, so you don't have to answer a bunch of questions about why you were fired when you interview for your next job.

idk if it's the same in all states, but a potential employer can only obtain information regarding dates worked, basically verify previous employment. if the potential employer does ask if they were fired or why, and the previous employer gives that info... it's illegal. besides, how dumb would they sound? "oh, they were terminated because she did all the work we were supposed to, and didnt want to do. plus, we just didn't like her." so fuck them over and quit op.

You are correct that employers can only divulge certain info, but some of the info is if the person is re-hirable or not. As a manager we have code to use with each other. We'll say something to the affect, "Yes these dates are correct. Do you have anyone else in mind?" That pretty much says to the new potential employer, hire the other candidate.

But than they would want to know why you quit.

That really sucks.