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  Nomad609  |  0

I wonder how a tree just randomly falls down..
OP- didnt you notice that its at the brink of breaking off, seriously if the tree was huge then im prety sure it will be sturdy. If its just a thin tree and it fell on your roof then I guess it wouldnt do much damage on your roof.


  timeoffire45  |  8

Actually, I had something like this happen when I was younger, except the tree didn't hit our house: it almost fell on my little brother. Trees can rot on the inside and just one day break loose and fall; it doesn't even take a particularly strong gust of wind if the internal damage is bad enough. Sounds plausible to me, imho, especially if the OP had noticed the tree was leaning and had decided to do something about it at last, but it was just a second too late.

OP: FYL. Now that's what I call a healthy dose of irony; unhealthy if you're the roof, obviously. xD