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Next time ask for a demonstration

Hide all sharp objects


Next time ask for a demonstration

It could have to do with OP's skin quality, though.

Sample is probably the word we're looking for

Sorry to hear it they are usually so good! Hope it clears up soon.

Hey, I hear that rubber balloons get all the hotties nowadays.

"Skin that defies aging and snaps back to place"

And can be used by children above the age of three, as a plaything.

And will expand as he sucks in more air till he just floats away

Hide all sharp objects

Would that include pet cats?

I hope OP isnt into acupuncture or piercings!

Rawrshi 25

There's a fetish for that.

You could return it. I've done it before.

You shouldn't really trust employees on that stuff. They are just trying to sell you something. Look up some reviews next time.

some makeup locations require you to have a degree in cosmetology before they are allowed to suggest products or apply makeup. I know a friend of mine needed one to work at sephora and now works for MAC as one of their top artists. So while some people are shady AF. there are employees that want to help you.

Retexturize means smooth and tighten. It sounds like the moisturizer did exactly what it was suppose to do. Now, OP not caring for that is different and it could still be returned for something that just moisturizes. I'd recommend a classic cream, not anything too fancy, if OP is just looking for a moisturizer. I use Oil of Olay. My 100 year old great grandmother used it twice a day and she died, from old age, looking 70.

Time to join a website for balloon fetishist—looners, as they're called—dating. When you make a connection and find that special someone, things will just pop!

That's the first good pun I've seen in a long time

Well on the bright side you fill your face with helium fly away and become a news sensation