By Rabid - / Tuesday 8 January 2019 02:00 /
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By  chyiochan  |  28

Yeah that sucks but...You submitted literally at the last possible minute. Always account for power outages, internet loss. Same with driving to work. account for the weather. When you give yourself no buffer time, you're late. I'm sorry, but YDI.

By  HalfRetarded127  |  18

Did everyone reading simply skip the part where the listed deadline was 17.00?

Waiting until the last minute, not ideal, but if the instructor wanted the assignments by 16.00, then he\she should have set 16.00 as the deadline.

  Shaibear96  |  9

I just assumed the poster is an idiot who got the time wrong. If they can't even follow the simple fml format then Im sure the school assignment didnt go any better.

By  Leo Gort  |  7

I don’t get why everyone waits until the very last second to submit their work. Internet is not always reliable. If this is how you do things now good luck getting a good job

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