By nurseITHINKNOT - 18/04/2011 19:24 - United States

Today, I finally started my job as an in-home caregiver. The man I was hired to care for died two hours after I made it to his house. FML
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look on the bright side, thats one less patient u have to take care of. :D

I don't see a bright side to this....

at least u dident know him as a friend RIP jonny

Who the hell in jonny? Is this someone i should know about?!?!

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oh wow thats sux :( sad fce

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#31 u never make useful contributions

agree with #24. there is no bright side to death. poor old man :(

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OP this may be a sign you are not a good caregiver, who's to say you probably fed him something he was allergic too, or maybe even caused him some sort of stress. my point is find a new career

43. she is a girl, and is attractive. she has the right to make comments that don't make sense or don't contribute. and to avoid people bitching at me the attractive part isn't why she can it's because she's a woman and that's how they are. if all she has to say is fyl that's why's she has to say :P

What in the hell is Tnx?

tnx= the next xaliba ( cunt in portuguese )

71- you cant automatically blame it on the caregiver. so stfu, kay ? thanks(:

& "not funii" girl, learn how to spell. its not funny.

Haha at 108, picture and comment!

Well tht suxs

Idiot OP just got there it wasnt OP's fault


Op you totally deserve it.

yea. ydi for killing an old man

yeah seriously no one deserves

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I agree he didn't deserve it

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well yea but most elderly people tend to die at some point. be glad he passed after 2 hours. would op feel better about the situation if he got to kno the old man first. to me that would make it worse if you developed some kind of bond first.

Successful troll is successful.

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I know right.. people shouldn't joke about death.

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y not?

Who said OP cared about the old man? I'm sure OP is probably jobless now, and that's what he/she/it was talking about.

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well the op did not say that he/she lost the job. I'm sure op would've said that his/her job was terminated had that happened.

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oh ya, and I don't think anyone said anything about op caring about the old man, 136

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140- he was working as an in-home CAREgiver. just saying.

Prelude of Obamacare.

maybe the OP murdered the old man

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53-i love ur pic!!!

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fyl. looks like this isn't your calling:/

Who would want to take care of old people anyway? I prefer babies ^_^

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that is very true! babies are 10x cuter

But babies can be a handful as well. Those mischievous ones at least.

Chanistheman19 5

true true:D

I hate kids. They poop, cry, and sleep only during the day. Older people are better to look after. They poop, cr.... Oh... But I was serious about the hating kids. I don't think I'll be having children until my 'Bio Clock' is well and truly ticking.

I prefer Puppies, they are way cuter and they grow out of pooping and peeing everywhere in just a few months (if trained right). Dogs are the best!

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old people poop and cry ALL DAY. they're also more angry and aggressive and can physically attack you. Kids are less of a hassle, trust me I work in a nursing home.

Well.....I'm sure it wasn't your fault.....

Well if the name thing is anything to go by - 'nurseITHINKNOT' then she's probably so scarred by her experience that she, like, ran away to Bulgaria or something xD

this f HIS life! he doesn't even have one anymore poor guy

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You killed him!

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I know! Somebody's addicted to killing old people OP!

Somebody's addicted to raping young children!

the grim creeper met the grim reaper

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yu guys are fucking stupid! why would he kill him?

you are completly missing the point.

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106 - actually you're the stupid one here.

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Maybe he was just sleeping?

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^lmao umm yea...

Mhmmm yeah 'sleeping', as in he'll never wake up xD

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'Es just pinin' for the fjords...

Epic reference to a website.... wont say which because.... just 'cause stop asking.

Don't lie. We all know you killed him.

don't lie, we all know your a jerk.

I found this slightly funny.... does that make me a bad person?

nice #18 nice

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isn't chantel chantel owns? didnt she put up a pic of her naked on the sink?

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18 why so serious? 75 yeah same person. I don't know about that scandalous behavior though!

prolly did kill the old man but its fate uk?

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R.I.P old man. bad timing op, bad timing.