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  pimplayer  |  0

OP this may be a sign you are not a good caregiver, who's to say you probably fed him something he was allergic too, or maybe even caused him some sort of stress. my point is find a new career

  dolphincheddar  |  10

43. she is a girl, and is attractive. she has the right to make comments that don't make sense or don't contribute. and to avoid people bitching at me the attractive part isn't why she can it's because she's a woman and that's how they are. if all she has to say is fyl that's why's she has to say :P

  MizzErikaHart  |  8

well yea but most elderly people tend to
die at some point. be glad he passed after 2 hours. would op feel better about the situation if he got to kno the old man first. to me that would make it worse if you developed some kind of bond first.

  Miss_Michaela  |  10

I hate kids. They poop, cry, and sleep only during the day. Older people are better to look after. They poop, cr.... Oh...
But I was serious about the hating kids. I don't think I'll be having children until my 'Bio Clock' is well and truly ticking.

  chanma  |  0

old people poop and cry ALL DAY. they're also more angry and aggressive and can physically attack you. Kids are less of a hassle, trust me I work in a nursing home.