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  hockeykyle10  |  5

Therapy for depression is retarded. I knew exactly what she was gonna tell me before I even went in. "Go out and do things you really enjoy doing and have fun." well that's kinda the point of depression it's not so easy to enjoy doing shit.

  Ameel_fml  |  19

@#137: I know how you feel. When I was at my worst during my depression, I struggled getting out of bed almost every day. I ended up failing an entire semester of university because I struggled just getting to class. When I finally got the motivation to go to the doctor, I told her about my lack of motivation and that I was scared that I'd stop looking after myself alltogether if my depression got any worse. Her response? "Well you know what helps depression? Take a walk every day in the sun. Walking and sunlight is good for you!"

Yes, because I TOTALLY felt like going for a walk in the sun when my brain was telling me there's no point in even getting out of bed. :(

  Insane_Tea  |  15

29, Bubble wrap is a source of delightful entertainment that is almost pleasing to everyone. Whenever I find a scrap I feel like a child again. So to not even have the drive to enjoy one of life's bubbly pleasures is danmed awful. I shed a tear for you OP.

  Lennes  |  12

4, I wish I could down vote you more than once. You have little reason to laugh at someone else's problems, regardless of how insignificant they may seem.


77- You're completely right. You're growing out of childish ways. I used to pop EVERY single sheet of bubble wrap I saw. Until I grew up. And I'm not depressed. I don't really think this is an FML. It's horrible OP is depressed, but bubble wrap shouldn't even be a factor. I'm entitled to my own opinion.


77- I agree with you. It's sad OP is depressed, but bubble wrap shouldn't have anything to do with it. I used to pop every sheet of bubble wrap I saw, then I grew out of childish ways. That doesn't mean I'm depressed.

  benjerrynky  |  4

I think your facial expression totally goes with the comment. You look shocked/sent into your own downward spiraling depression to hear that someone could be so depressed. :P

  XxxT3rr4xxX  |  25

bacon and bubble wrap the perfect cure for depression :P