By Epiphany - 19/07/2012 09:01 - United States

Today, I finally realized how depressed I am when I found bubble wrap and didn't feel like popping it. FML
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Therapy my friend, therapy

You poor soul :(


Therapy my friend, therapy

xoconnie 8

Wellllll, things could always be worse. Just be grateful your alive and like #1 said go to therapy. Hope you feel better soon.

"I just don't feel like popping them..." *sighs* COPS come in: "look out, hes depressed!!" *bang bang, bang bang bang*

Sounds like a bubbling issue

It's to late sadly... There's no way back when your so sad you can't pop bubble wrap....

JKr3slEMO 5

don't worry OP depression always gets better...well usually..okay maybe sometimes

Poke holes in the plastic on top of containers of cans you can buy. We've all done this

Might not work here, but if i start a therapy clinic, I'm putting bubble wrap in all the rooms

CallMeMcFeelii 13

53 that is a great idea. I always thought bubble wrap was the best kind of therapy. For the depressed, the sadistic, and the insane. Bubble wrap it'll save your life.

MrBrightside21 20

Life is a roller coaster. Up, down, up, down. Everything has to get better sometime, and it will.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

66- You remind me of a Zoloft commercial..

Therapy for depression is retarded. I knew exactly what she was gonna tell me before I even went in. "Go out and do things you really enjoy doing and have fun." well that's kinda the point of depression it's not so easy to enjoy doing shit.

SW500 13

It's a reference to one of those ASDF movie things I guess, but it didn't work.

SW500 13

Meant to put an "@92" on that ^

22cute 17

53 - bubble-wrap wall paper and bubble-wrap straightjackets!

@#137: I know how you feel. When I was at my worst during my depression, I struggled getting out of bed almost every day. I ended up failing an entire semester of university because I struggled just getting to class. When I finally got the motivation to go to the doctor, I told her about my lack of motivation and that I was scared that I'd stop looking after myself alltogether if my depression got any worse. Her response? "Well you know what helps depression? Take a walk every day in the sun. Walking and sunlight is good for you!" Yes, because I TOTALLY felt like going for a walk in the sun when my brain was telling me there's no point in even getting out of bed. :(

youtube- asdf movie 1. first clip: hehe, got ye nose :) - *cops enter the room* -"watch out he's got a nose !! " *bang bang, bang bang bang !*

kittykat1501 31

WTF 28?

You poor soul :(

I cannot imagine a moment when I did not feel the need to pop some bubble wrap.

29, Bubble wrap is a source of delightful entertainment that is almost pleasing to everyone. Whenever I find a scrap I feel like a child again. So to not even have the drive to enjoy one of life's bubbly pleasures is danmed awful. I shed a tear for you OP.

I feel even more sorry for people who work at bubble wrap factories. Imagine the willpower needed to stop yourself popping every last bubble...

Skoomaki. It's exactly why I would be fired day of being hired.

Dr0reos 8

*Gasp* you didn't pop bubble wrap?!You OP are beyond help*faints in feminine manner* (just kidding op you'll be fine)

Bubble wrap is good for the mind, body, and SOLE.

I'm sorry but misspelling "Soul" is just too impossible. That was intentional, right? Please tell me that was intentional.

126, Sole (of shoe): for when you can't pop just one...

22cute 17

Bubble wrap shoes!

- 126 it was intentional which is why I wrote it in caps.

Poor you! That must be an awful feeling:(

DarkHelmet 10

Not wanting to pop bubble wrap...that's crazy talk

If you pop bubble wrap it can help like therapy in a way. Doing something soothing that you take your time with. You should really try to pop it!

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Its heart breaking! I would not want to live in the hell that is the world where bubble wrap cannot make me happy :(.

Lennes 12

4, I wish I could down vote you more than once. You have little reason to laugh at someone else's problems, regardless of how insignificant they may seem.

That sad moment when #4 takes the role of #1, and becomes a dumbass. Do you have any idea how sad it is if you don't want to pop bubble wrap?

Personally I agree with #4, it sounds to me like OP is just looking for attention.

77- You're completely right. You're growing out of childish ways. I used to pop EVERY single sheet of bubble wrap I saw. Until I grew up. And I'm not depressed. I don't really think this is an FML. It's horrible OP is depressed, but bubble wrap shouldn't even be a factor. I'm entitled to my own opinion.

77- I agree with you. It's sad OP is depressed, but bubble wrap shouldn't have anything to do with it. I used to pop every sheet of bubble wrap I saw, then I grew out of childish ways. That doesn't mean I'm depressed.

Why did my comment get moderated? I didn't even say anything bad. I just agreed with 77! What the heck, mods?

So is your comment #4

Get the f**k out. Now. -_-

You're stupid. Bubble wrap is something important

jjohnson26559 1

This depresses me.

Your hair depresses me

BrysGirl27 14

You look like the mad hatter!:D

jjohnson26559 1

Awwww you're sweet.

I think your facial expression totally goes with the comment. You look shocked/sent into your own downward spiraling depression to hear that someone could be so depressed. :P

Talk to your psychiatrist my friend.

IworkAt711 14

Oh....My.....God..............have you tried bacon?

IworkAt711 14

Im sorry for the dumb post....I havent slept in over 30 hours.

Don't be. Bacon makes everything better!

A7X_LoVeee 10

Go to sleep?

This comment reminds me of the FML where the OP was allergic to bacon. Now that was just soul crushing.

-21 so is your picture how you look after 30 hours no rest?

I don't like bacon that much... *sad face*

ryry013 6

Who needs sleep when he has bacon

ktc24 3

That was gold!

XxxT3rr4xxX 25

bacon and bubble wrap the perfect cure for depression :P

You sir, are a genius

Angelrose2004 17

I'm sorry, OP. I know that feeling. But just remember that life does get better. You never know when something awesome will happen in your life!

Or when something totally horrible and depressing with happen ... It's a world of possibilities :)

I bet that burst your bubble, but acceptance is the first step.

Oh has begun