By -bird-poop- - 10/10/2009 12:52 - Germany

Today, I finally plucked up the courage to propose to my girlfriend of 7 months. I took her out to the park where we had our first kiss, I got down on one knee, and before I could say "Will you marry me" a bird shat on my head. FML
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It was a sign! Dont get married too early.

7 months? Ive had milk in my fridge longer than that. To early bro. Wait atleast a year more


"Shat" on your head? Is that like "sat" on your head? Or, "shit" on your head?

love shat, past tense of shit. :)

You deserve it for getting on your knees to beg for marriage

Farside- Look it up first, before trying to act smart.

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@greenhacker are you really that much of a retard?

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maybe that's a sign she'll say no before she actually says no,and 7months??? how bout 2years ya retard

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I guess u weren't meant to be

shat's a word? LOL


LOL u r kiding right seven months is way to early!!

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Shat-Past tense of shit? Shouldn't it be shitted or something?? Lmao

Had your first kiss? At 7 months? And you were going to ask her to marry you?

Wow haha, fail on my part. Read the FML wrong.

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the bird deserves to marry her...

1 Looks like boxxy.. Lulz

It was a sign! Dont get married too early.

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It might not be too early for them. Who knows how old they are? If they are older and know what they want then there is no problem with that. Also, they could have been friends before they started dating so they might have known each other for longer than 7 months.

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Yes, different people deal with things differently. Just because they might be older, though, doesn't mean marriage is any more acceptable after 7 months than if they were 18. It's about knowing eachother and knowing what you're getting into. And 46, just because your girlfriend was a whore and YOU didn't know what you'd be getting into, doesn't mean other people can't have an good idea at the same age.

Yea, but getting engaged after 7 months≠getting married after 7 months. My husband proposed to me after 3 months of dating and I said yes, but we didn't get married until 2.5 years later. And now we've been married for 2 years so...yea...some people do know that early on in a relationship.

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jeez lol bitter much InfectedWithDrew? not everyone will do that but im really really sorry she cheated. i know how much that sucks.

is it shat or is it shitted... that is the wurstion

My parents were married within 4 months of meeting eachother and have an extremely healthy relationship. But they were mature enough to handle it, unlike most idiots these days.

That's good luck

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"Shat" is an acceptable past tense form of "shit." Although I don't think there's any sort of formal rule for this... And yes, that sucks. It's a sign to wait more than 7 months!

No, actually shat IS the past tense of shit. Get a dictionary, dumbass. If you're going to be a grammar nazi, at least know what you're talking about.

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Plus "shat" is just hilarious to say. Right or wrong it sounds awesome.

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LOL, "shitted." That's not even a word, moron.

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...and we... SHAT ON A TURTLE!!! yes yes

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Austin powers win #131

Dude. The fact that "shitted" sounds fucking retarded. And "shat" makes it sound hilarious as fuck. Get a dictionary.

GalaxyShots 21

1.) 'Shitted' isn't a word whatsoever. 2.) 'Shat' is, in fact, the past tense of shit. 3.) Stop being a grammar Nazi. You have no clue what you're talking about.

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I think since its not the most original place to propose the bird just made the moment more memorable

Oh man, that's a sign you should get married- you've already got a fabulous proposal story! lol. love it.

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When you gotta go you gotta go :)

cockblocked by a bird!!

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Wtf 7 months ur stupid man

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I proposed to my girlfriend after 5 months, August will be a year. We're moving to New York in December and getting married next summer. :)

Skittles if you're 18 I think you should wait longer than 5 months to get engaged

isn't getting shit on by a bird good luck?

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I was thinking the same thing. And if getting shit on by a bird is good luck I should send my car out to play the lottery for me.

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It's said that when a bird shits on you you get a lot of money.

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What did she say? That's the real, potential FML part.