By Anonymous - 25/11/2013 17:06 - United States - Buffalo

Today, I finally password-protected my phone, to protect it from my friends' favorite game: stealing it and sending stupid texts, and hijacking my Facebook. They quickly found a new game. My phone is now locked for 24 hours due to too many attempts to guess the password. FML
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I know you're feeling. Here's a trick that worked for me: "Don't ever let them get you, never lose eye on your phone and be damn quick when they try to get it." You must not only feel the phone, but be the phone

Connect it to your iTunes = Problem solved


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and the asshole awards go to...

Yeah i hated that so much. But when i jailbroke my phone there was a tweak that prevented locking up my phone

If my friends tried pulling that bullshit they'd get slapped. It wouldn't be no bitchass slap either, I mean a no mercy backhand straight from the pimp god himself. I'll call this god "Hoesnobetta". I'll "Hoesnobetta" 3 times across your fucking face if you try jacking my shit.

And your hips don't lie. So I know this must be true!

@38, I call that God. The Based God!

#48 stop trying to make fetch happen.

I remember one time, my little sister locked my iPod touch for 1,700 something hours. I don't know how long it took her, but she seemed proud of herself.

Oh boy that is horrible OP

Change your Facebook's password!

I'm pretty sure you can connect your phone to your iTunes and it'll let you put the password back in instead of waiting 24 hours

Maybe he doesn't have an IPhone

On iOS 7 you can't lock a phone for an amount if time. If OP doesn't have it maye they should get it for that reason. I hope they don't have a phone that can't upgrade to it :/

I don't understand how this feature helps the phone owner at all..this case put aside, if someone were to steal a phone and have this happen, the owner can either track it or just cancel the service or both. if someone skilled stole a phone, they would hack into the phone np problem anyways. the fact that phone manufacturers put this feature in is stupid and unnecessary

Connect it to your iTunes = Problem solved

What if it's not an iPhone though?

Change your Facebook's password. Problem solved.

Jailbreak your phone (if its an iPhone) then put a lock on any app that they will be able to hijack.

Nah new friends would be less of a hassle.

Its just a joke, and yes maybe he took it a little too far, but my friends do that to me all the time and I think its pretty funny

Fuck that noise, 31. I got some seriously personal shit on my phone. I don't care if you're my best friend of 10 years or a hobo on the bus, you don't fuck with my shit. I don't fuck with yours, you damn well better not fuck with mine. I hate people that do this.

I think the best solution for op is to lock it. Like in a vault. And carry the vault with them, opening it when they need to use their phone.

I think that would be a great solution

Can you not

I'm assuming it's an iPhone because I don't think any other phone locks for 24 hours after too many failed attempts. Anyway if a computer with iTunes is unavailable, hold on the power and home button for 9 secs until your phone reboots. As its coming back up repeatedly press the home button. It should be unlocked when the phone boots up fully ;)

If it's an android you can just log in anytime with your Gmail even with a lock

I suggest keeping your phone with you at all times.

You must be a genius.

I agree. If they keep messing with your phone, stop leaving it where they can get it. It's really the easiest fix. Either that or get new non asshole friends.

I know you're feeling. Here's a trick that worked for me: "Don't ever let them get you, never lose eye on your phone and be damn quick when they try to get it." You must not only feel the phone, but be the phone

If you can dodge a phone.... you can dodge a ball

Also, most phones have an option to turn off the "disabling" function.

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Hmm, that's an intriguing Psygnosis on how to protect your phone from about this, simply don't let anyone see your shit that you don't want too and have to be pretty off to not be aware of someone rummaging through your pockets.

Just keep it in your pocket

Just do it to them back. They might stop once they realize how annoying it is. Also, connect to iTunes and backup so you can just unlock it everytime that happens.

Not everyone has an iPhone

According to the stats 90% of smart phone users don't have an iphone..

Keep your phone, change your friends.

Why do you let your friends have your phone in the first place?

OP probably does not but they steal it when OP is not looking.

Try to do the same to them, maybe they will stop with that bullshit.