By feminista - 28/07/2012 20:38 - Guatemala - Guatemala City

Today, I finally lost my virginity, all while in the passionate throes of an asthma attack. FML
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The first time is always breath taking(;

And he just kept going?


And he just kept going?

Maybe he thought she was really into it, but had a weird way of showing it?

Reminds me of that FML where the OP had their finger stuck in the headboard of the bed and started screaming in pain, but their boyfriend thought it was in pleasure and kept going. It happens.

Or when one person sneezed during sex and their boyfriend thought she was going to orgasm.

HowAreYouToday 34

Could be worse?

"Almost done, almost done, almost done, almost done, almost done.....alright let's go to the hospital."

I've had an asthma attack during sex one, my boyfriend thought I was climaxing until I hit his face and he realized what was going on. It's hard to tell sometimes, especially during a very physical activity.

Blue lips? Gasping for air? I would think to tell the difference between pleasure and... That isn't right...

how does that happen?

Which one was more painful?

The punch to the face as he tries to succeed in a strawberry shortcake.

What does a punch to the face have to do with strawberry short cake???

I'm serious if you really want to know google it. I know what it is but it's quite disgusting and I choose not to explain.

In other words, #83, it's one of those fictional sex acts invented by a crater-faced virgin.

The first time is always breath taking(;

HowAreYouToday 34

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Meh. A blow job could've fixed that asthma attack in no time :-)

If you're saying receiving one will help, I doubt OP can get one, considering she's a girl.

I believe it was a reference to a previous FML.

34 when you're having an asthma attack your windpipe closes up which stops you from breathing, so even giving a BJ won't help if that's what you were referring to.

Blow job=inhaler

69 not quite, an inhaler is filled with a medicinal gas, something a penis does not give off there for will not help during an asthma attack.

They mean the FML where the old lady called her inhaler a blow job.

Oh 71 lmao well I never saw that FML so I except my negatives

That really sucks OP, but on the bright side it probably just looked like you were having an incredibly awesome orgasm and gave your partner more confidence :)

Or maybe he thought she was faking it

Doesn't matter had sex!

Wow, three doesn't matter had sex posts on the first page. I'm not surprised.

Take this comment. Eat it. Digest it. Shit it. Eat said shit for making this comment.

Wow, such a funny and original comment, #5! Please, teach me your ways so I too may one day be as witty and comical as you.

I don't think it's possible to eat an FML post. Thanks though.

unknown_user5566 26

21- Technically, it is. Copy & paste the text into a word processor, print it, then eat the paper. Just sayin'. ;)

Kyleekay knows what's up. Correction, since I'm dealing with the well-known Mr. Literal here: Eat your *printed* comment.

Dang! If only i had a built in printer on my phone, you would be correct.

You could always just eat your phone.

dm;hs is always funny, you miserable gits!

Doesn't matter had sex!

We know it's exciting but gawsh OPs lungs, control yourselves

It's only exciting if you're involved, hun.

Doesn't matter...had sex.

Are you fucking brainless.

Are you fucking brainless?

Hmmmm.... do I thumb down both posts or just one?

All three will suffice.

You have no fml friends.

You must have been very exited, congrats.

He probably thought you were gasping from enjoyment!