By oops123 - United States
Today, I finally hooked up with a guy I've been hanging out with for 2 months. Afterwards, while we're getting dressed he says "You better be clean. If you're not tell me now so I dont pass it on to my girlfriend." Stunned, all I could say was, "Girlfriend?!" His reply, "Well technically my fiancée." FML
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  wheatie  |  0

you're not even dating? just hanging out for 2 months and you have sex? && ddnt know he was engaged. obviously didn't know him well.
still FYL op:(

By  vee_baby  |  0

WHAT A JERK! track this fiancé down and tell her yourself. tell her you have an STD (even if you don't.. i hope you don't) and say you had no idea he was seeing someone (you didn't.. so it cancels out the first lie) and that she should probably get herself checked out. yay, revenge is fun!

By  SilentGround  |  0

hey #7. if the dude's that big of a jerk, chances are that he kept everything about his fiance from her and made sure that she didn't find out about said fiance during the time they were hanging out.

By  skiesofgreen  |  0

#7 if the guy didn't want her to know he had a fiance (which based on the situation he probably didn't) it wouldn't have been that hard to keep it from her, especially if she didn't really hang out with anyone else in his group.

Still I'd find the fiance, she deserves to know what a jackass her to-be-husband is

  FML_Elle  |  17

Or just tell her the truth... I think hearing your fiancé is cheating is bad enough! Also, if she gets herself checked out and the results are negative for STDs she might think OP was lying about the whole affair.