By Anonymous - 20/04/2011 01:38 - United States

Today, I finally got the courage to talk to a guy I secretly like. I was so nervous that instead of saying, "Hi, I'm Veronica," I said, "Veronica, I'm high." FML
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Well it is 4:20..

mikejunior88 4

lmao, nice


mikejunior88 4

lmao, nice

"Veronica, I have herpes" would've sounded better

Monstee 2

LOL it says anonymous but her name is in it :DDd

Lol faved!!

that's ironic because it's 420 today. lol

Oh lol, that is going make it hard to explain it to her.

you know that kinda works cuz it's 4/20 ;)

^bitch iz stealinst my comments

chickunkey 0

bitch, GTFO

I'd have gone with it.

Daerauko 0

yeah, that is totally recoverable.

I doubt, however, that he appreciated being called Veronica.

andres19 0

dont forget that since it is 4/20 it's completely understandable

shulgafish 0

what'd be the odds of his name being Veronica, and also being high? then op would be winning.

LoveTheObsession 5

Wait, I don't get what's so special about 4/20?

I don't see a problem with that. leave it to a pot head to flip a sentence and then make it about weed haha

Takador 3

i fell off my chair when i read this FML.

i feel like for a lot of guys, this would help your chances

defiantly agreed LOL

You feel like that for a lot of guys Brother?

my thoughts exactly

LunaNstars 0

at least you had the balls to approach him. be happy!

Well it is 4:20..

newzealandkiwi 0

I like wot u said about yourself straight to the point haha.:)

it's actually 3:11 :)

it's 4/20!!!! damn you!

FunnyGuy5051 7

damn, I was going to stay that :(

26, she meant the date is April 20th, 4/20.

whats the date got to do with anything? oO and isn't it 20/4? lol

tessie98love 0


lol 26. at least someone got the joke

hahaha 89 doesnt know what it means. fuckin noob.

120 can't spot sarcasm. fuckin noob.


I was gonna say that!!

this didn't really happen though did it..........

JocelynKaulitz 28

Who knows? You two might have something in common ;)

dub2 0

ay bay bay got a bf?

cptmorgan15 2

You're a loser.

cptmorgan, I've grown to like you. You are always there to cockblock.

Ay bay bay.......really?? kids.....................

I think it's funny she put her name in the FML but then her username is anonymous :)

it's not her name, it's somebody else's