By sinceresally - 03/01/2017 22:26

Today, I finally got the courage to ask my workmate about her tattoo. She's been in the office for 4 months and I'd always wondered why she had a red cheese grater tattooed on her arm. So I asked. Turns out it's a lady's shoe. She walked away from me and never talked to me again. FML
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I have to wonder how bad the tattoo artist must have been, to manage to make a shoe look like a cheese grater. That's a pretty hefty difference in shape, there.

Why would shoe do that?


So she never talked to you again. Of course, since this happened yesterday, it means that she hasn't talked to you for a few hours. Just apologize and try to phrase your question better next time. For instance: "Oh, nice tattoo, what's the story behind it?".

Could've been a month ago, it automatically says today.

Why would shoe do that?

That must have been a strange shoe, though...

Sounds like a grate tattoo to me

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She could have dropped a little bit more cheddar on that one!

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Guys please go easy on the cheesy puns

I so want to see the tattoo! Also, OP, don't feel too bad, if people can't figure out your tattoo after looking at it for four months, maybe another tattoo artist would have been a better choice.

It's not your fault it's a stupid poor quality tattoo.

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And now you're workmate finally realized what her tattoo really is.

ALWAYS open with, "Hey, may I ask, what's your tattoo?" Then she would have said... "Uh, a red shoe?" Then you would have said, "Oh! Silly me!"

Hindsight is 20/20, but maybe next time go with something like, "Can I ask if your tattoo has a special significance for you?" Then you might get something like, "I just really like shoes" or whatever. If her tattoo is really that ambiguous then I'm sure you're not the first person to ask. :)

So what's the shoe symbolize?