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Please tell me you had nice underwear on?

At least you had underwear on. :)


Please tell me you had nice underwear on?

Well I certainly hope OP had nice underwear on.. Don't you usually get it on afterwords?

7- i think they meant nice as in panties (to cover necessities) instea of a thong :p

Op's underwear was visible through the dress? Solution: Don't where underwear.

73- Oh fuck. My mistake. I should have noticed that.

No, she's going to wear dirty, ugly undies on the very day the whole world knows she's going to get laid.

She could always edit them out. Considering the fact that her dress was white, it shouldn't be too hard to get rid of it.

Should have had the undergarments that are specially made for wedding dresses ... They exist for a reason and most bridal shops seem to include them at least they tried to sell them to my ex-fiancé several times an hour

At least it was your "bra and panties," not your "no bra and Spanx."

107 but you can't edit out people's memories

I'm just surprised that no one told her, since it's so visible enough to be seen on photos.

Would YOU on your wedding want to be told your dress looks bad?

There really would be nothing for her to do. She wouldn't stop the wedding to go change. Seems like the brides maids should have given her a heads up, or the bridal shop.

At least OP was WEARING underwear...

Photoshop can do wonders!

of course you can, just talk to Agent's K or J

sorry that was to 123

I was going to be mean and say "you're a perfect example" but I retract that as you are actually really really pretty

Your name for this FML is absolutely fantastic- lol.

OP's 'bout to go h.a.m. (for those on iPhones, go to YouTube, type in "kill bill kill sound", should be first video suggestion. 0:19)

46 I'm on droid and I can't click it or copy it...

48- then go to YouTube and type in what I said.....

I know, I was being a smartass.. >.> FML no like smarasses? :(

77 - No. No we don't.

Ok :( *walks to my doghouse*

*pets* there there puppy I have a Droid too

Yay i'm not alone.. :)

You have a droid?! That stay in that doghouse! >:-(

Typical ISheep.. Droids shall rule ze world at my side.. *evil laugh*

Well your just getting thumbed down today ^

84- failed to see the smart assness in your comment, honestly...

At least you were noticeable...?

Of course she was, she was the bride!

At least you had underwear on. :)

And you definitely gave people some entertainment while you and your spouse were doing the ceremony. That's always the most tedious part of the wedding, so good on you for livening it up! Seriously though, I'm sorry to hear that OP. That's really unfortunate that it happened on your big day. Here's to hoping everyone thought that your spouse is one lucky guy/gal!

Well at least you brightened up the day for your guests!

Brightening up also means she gave the male population something to fantasize about, during their "alone" time :)

Its not often i WANT to go to a wedding. I sure am sorry I missed this one.

I'm not so sure her close relatives enjoyed to see her panties and bra. If it was my sisters wedding, I would be embarassed!

Well the memories will last forever! As long as it wasn't xxx I think you'll get good laugh out of it in a few years. If they are xxx it's time I ask hubby for a do over wedding!

What does having three X chromosomes have to do with underwear at your wedding? Super females are people too!

How could I have been so insensitive?

How would you not notice that?

She wasn't looking at herself - how could she possibly have noticed?? Anyway, these things can sometimes be visible in photos but not in real life - ask any Hollywood star, lol.

Agree with -9. Why wouldn't she, it's her wedding day. The most important day to look your best. She should have been looking at herself constantly. But I guess it slipped her mind.

I guess it wasn't noticeable to her? However it was in the pictures.

She said it was an outdoor wedding, she probably didn't bring a mirror & look at herself outside.

I agree with 9. If its slightly see through to you while looking down at your outfit, it's really see through outdoors to everyone around you or in general really.

Guys, she said it was see through whilst outside. From that I would assume that she'd seen it on plenty of times inside and it wasn't see through. So why would she be checking for it? If anything her bridesmaids should have said something. It may have been a little embarrassing but at least she doesn't have to think about how she went all day wearing a see through dress.

This is why you should never wear a bra or panties!

Yeah because having someone see your nipples is so much less embarrassing than having someone see a bra...

19 There was A girl on repogames that said she loved being naked... She wouldn't be embarrassed as much... If you google it was "tweedle dee and tweedle double dee..."

@19 Exactly! Because if they can see your nips and landing strip then they think it's intentional and you become the super-hot self confident bride giving your soon to be hubby a little glimpse of what's to come. If they see the bra and panties then they think you're just a mindless twat.

20 - did you just make me google porn?

Why did no one tell you?? Like your hubby or your parents??

Her hubby was probably enjoying the view. :)

And he couldn't wait to get to the honeymoon

It might only be noticeable in pictures. Or else they suck for not telling her. Every bride wants her wedding day and memories of it to be perfect so I don't blame her. Hope someone can fix the pictures and that only OP got the originals. Good luck..

Isn't this why you try it out first? I mean it's white so why wouldnt you atleast get a thicker one?

The lights in the bridal shop probably didn't reveal anything, because they usually aren't as bright as natural sunlight. I once bought a white skirt and didn't find out it was see-through until I went outside on a break at work.

Sorry Kyleekay but umm that left an interesting visual.. :$

that's why I always wear something underneath if its white or avoid any white clothing all together