By Insomniac - United States
Today, I finally got my stubborn toddler to take an afternoon nap after an hour and a half of wrestling with her. Ten minutes later, a UPS package arrived at my door. The UPS man decided it would be a good idea to ring my doorbell repeatedly in rapid-fire sequence as he was walking away. FML
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  Jaxx66  |  21

OP would have walked outside eventually. They just knock or ring once here if you hve to sign or let you find it when you come home or go out.... It's not rocket science.

  kerrwoof  |  13

Where I'm from, the only reason the knock or ring on your doorbell is if the package requires a signature. If not, it's left there for you to find for yourself which I enjoy. I hate being bothered by the UPS guys especially with a young child at home.

  polkaspot  |  3

Im confused- how could he ring the doorbell while he was walking away from the door? Wouldn't he ring it then walk away? Am I stupid or does that not make any sense? /:

  tygerarmy  |  35

You could put a sign on your door, you could talk to the people that deliver to you, you can even give them your cell/house number and you can even ask them not to come at certain times.

Some of the suggestions I've seen are ridiculous. Do you really want the driver to leave your iPhone 5, Xbox 720, new 3DTV, or computer outside.
When you order or after you can contact the company and give special instructions; ranging from don't ring my bell just put it in front of house, give it to my neighbor, put it in my backyard, throw it over my fence or signature required.
For me anything I order is signature required. I don't want them leaving my package outside, I'll wait another day or go to the center and get it.

  downtime  |  12

...Why would you NOT want to know your package is there? The number of comments about how you should know you can't trust people these days does not correlate with the number of people who think it's perfectly ok to leave a package on a doorstep for hours.
I get it, you have a kid who's asleep, so what? The world will never stop just because you have a child. It's unfortunate, but you're the one who ordered the package.

  kmt926  |  0

I'm convinced the same fate for those silly people... Well at least it wasn't FedEx where they would throw your package over the fence and walk away

  Enslaved  |  36

I agree 100% with, 13. The situation sucks but that's how I've always gotten notice that I received a delivery. Better than not knowing a package is laying on your steps, waiting to be stolen.


But wait... I am under the impression the UPS guy did so after having delivered the package. It does say that he rang the door in rapid sequence as he was walking away, which is odd unless he mashed the damn thing with a long stick as he walked away. Would not walking away indicate he delivered, then rang the doorbell? Confusing...

  LO388  |  7

76 - I imagine he left the package on the front steps, then rang the doorbell to let OP know it was there before walking away.

And to the others who said he was in a hurry: since he presumably wasn't waiting for OP, the rapid-fire was probably a little unnecessary. One or two rings likely would have been enough to get OP's attention


How is the UPS guy an asshole? He didn't go to the house and just be like, "Ooh, a sleeping baby! I'm going to ring this doorbell in rapid speed mode! HERP DERP." He may have unnecessarily rung the doorbell the way he did, but he did it so the owner knew the package was delivered.