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Today, I finally got a hold of my husband who I haven't actually talked to in 2 and 1/2 weeks since he is deployed and it's hard to chat. He told me he couldn't talk because he was in an epic battle, in Call of Duty. FML
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you have obviously never been in an epic battle in call of duty. lol

dont bother a man and his video game system


he's deployed and dealing with all that stress, and **** YOUR life? I hope he dumps you and your ungrateful ass...

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If he was really deployed then his priorities should be on his wife and their future life together, not recreating what is already stressing him out. Why would he turn to a video game of war if he was stressed over war? That makes no sense at all.

mw2>nagging woman. and like deathr0w said...all guys do it

Why on earth would his wife outweigh the WAR he's fighting in? I agree his wife should outweigh COD, but she doesn't outweigh his life. That said, he could play COD for any number of reasons: fighting is what he knows and he likes to compare the game to real life, plus it's probably nice for him to go kill some people without having to worry about actually dying. I'm sure it's a good stress reliever for him because he's not actually getting shot at but he can take out some aggression.

First of all CoD outweighs all. (No not really, the guy is an ass, divorce him.) But playing a war video game is a lot different and more fun than actually being over there fighting one.

just another sexist woman men need down time i agree he shoud have called but your being and inconsiderate bitch women need to back off men love toys and manly shit and dont always want to talk learn that fast

just another sexist woman men need down time i agree he shoud have called but your being and inconsiderate bitch women need to back off men love toys and manly shit and dont always want to talk learn that fast

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Damn him for using his free time for what HE wants! DAMN HIM!

she's not ungrateful, she just misses him. it's hard having someone you love out there fighting in the war...think about it.

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This FML is a sign this site is going down the drain. Mostly because people are complaining about "darn" instead of real ****!!! things. Two weeks might seem like a long time, I used to go to summer camp longer than that and not call home. You called him during his bonding with his friends. He did not choose video games over you. He just chose to take his mind off things. Sure it seems weird. But he most likely just wants to be a guy, not worrying about talking to his wife who will most likely tell him about all the things he is missing, make him feel lonely without her, and make him focus on the thing he doesn't want to : that he might die, that war is real, and that he isn't at home with her. Let the guy have his down time. When he is not stressed he will call you.

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This is pretty much the best FML I've read. Lol. Not for her though. I love it because the entire year I've been deployed we've played COD. Have our PODS all linked together and shit. And yes, Call of Duty by far is more important then you. It relieves the stress while we're deployed. The only reason for him to get off for you would be if you were getting naked on webcam. Fact.

they use war games in the military to train soldiers to kill without thinking.

 To anyone who thinks CoD: MW2 is more important and that she's selfish, how should I put it...? Ah yes, you're a bunch of ignorant moronic dumbasses. Grow the **** up and look at the reality of life. Yes, everyone needs an escape to relieve themselves of stress and hardships. However, he also has a commitment to his relationship. Do you even realize how ******* hard it is and rare it is to communicate with someone in the military and deployed? She needs reassurance too. She needs to know he's okay, and to remind him she loves him, and to hear his voice. Who knows when they'll talk again? Point is he can put down the game for a few to talk to his wife who misses him, and play it again when he is done.  God, this ******* site is seriously overflowing with morons, but I just had to join and set the record straight for all of you immature assholes. Seriously the average IQ level of the people on this site makes me want to rip out my eyes.

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i dont really think this is a fml post. he's ******* deployed let him be you snatch

I totally agree. That bullcrap "he's in a war and you're selfish and..." yeah....she's totally selfish because the next time she hears about him he could be DEAD and the last conversation they had was "oh sorry babe i'm playin COD **** YOU goodbye..." yeah... that's the worst wife ever for being upset that that's the last time she saw her husband. gosh...this site is overflowing with morons....

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Tell him to summon an air strike!

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because when we are deployed we all handle stress differently. sometimes it's easier just to forget about the family and stay focused on not getting shot. or he was winning...

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you have obviously never been in an epic battle in call of duty. lol

dont bother a man and his video game system

I'll agree. Except, I'm a girl that plays :) COD MW2>you. Only, guys need to accept it as well. hehe

hey dont hate on call of duty there is always an epic battle in there lol

List of priorities for man: 1)Beer 2)Friends 3)Games 4)Mummy ... 1284)Significant Other.

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everyone look, a nerdy virgin teenage boy and a fat housewife fighting!

People in the military often use video games like COD in downtime to keep their reactions sharp. The epic battle in which he was engaged could save his life or the life of someone around him.

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I don't think it works that way.....

It does, kinda, but not in the way he makes it sound.

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Well, if that is the case then more teenage boys should be cooler.

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Bitch, don't EVER interrupt a man's Call of Duty game!

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he must not be deployed in iraq or afganistan if you're able to call him. leave the poor man alone he's got enough people nagging him.

We have phones out here, believe it or don't. And some guys splurged for tri-band cell phones (are not cheap).

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your an ass a sexest ass at that you think a womans not more important than call of duty you probably dont have a gf or a wife and your a lonely poindexter who plays video games and sits on the computer all day blogging with people you think are your friends and watching **** as a substitute for not having a real love life. you sir fail miserably

Flutist 3

deth, that's a little harsh. Both scream of ignorance. I don't think this is even an FML. It doesn't say he plays video games a lot, just that at the moment he was hanging out with his fellow soldiers. He will call her later. Most of those games are real time, and you can't pause it.

dude dont be so harsh just relax the person doesnt need your negative comments

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Where's he deployed to, Canada?

What do you think your talking about??? my husbands in Iraq, and i just mailed him guitar hero for christmass because they have a PS3 over there already. just because they have it easier than vietnam doensnt mean they're all cozy and at home in luxury. idiot.

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