By colts609380 - 17/05/2012 21:07 - United States - Corona

Today, I finally gained the nerve to ask out the girl of my dreams. She responded by saying, "You need to lower your standards." FML
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Daddymo 14

I think you need to raise your standards to include pretty girls that aren't also bitches.

They say girls go for bad boys but on FML it seems all the boys fall for the biggest bitches.


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Wow, that's a bit heartless and bitchy, #1.

1-That's just mean and uncalled for. OP, I feel truly sorry for you. As a guy who's been rejected by multiple girls, I know the pain, but you must always persevere. Who cares what she thinks, and I don't want to sound cliched, but you'll have plenty of opportunities in the future. FYL OP.

I'm sorry I don't live up to the standards of you, someone I don't know.

theten_fml 9

You need to lower your panties!

Screw lowering your standards, raise them above shallow women!

It would of been funny if OP said "but I already did" to the girl. And dont worry OP you'll find someone who isn't a complete bitch some day, you just have to go to the dark corners that's where we usually hide out from the sunlight or at nighttime when we usually come out, Er how we just spun like vampires xD rare creatures!

*now *sound Cure you typos always following me ;u;

Asdfghjkl I give up =_=

reddudeover 2

60/63/64 Hat trick!

I actually understand where #1 was coming from, she just put it across the wrong way. The girl of your dreams clearly has a terrible and shallow personality, so I'm going out on a whim here and saying that the girl of your dreams was simply so because of her appearance; which makes you no better if I'm correct. People can't cry 'shallow' and 'victim' at their rejectors when they're ONLY interested because of their appearance alone. There, I said it.

Most women in my dreams dont talk anyways, so I wouldn't know what their personality is like.

I won't lower my standards. I shoot high, with hopes that I at least land in the middle. May take longer, but it's worth it. But she is most definitely a bitch. Also, I could of sworn I heard "Burn!" in Michael Kelso's voice while I read this FML

OP, you should've told her you just did. :P

My thoughts exactly

Says the person with a cat for their picture..

ryanebk 7

I will agree with #1. Needs to be perfect match. Emotionally and physically. He just wanted to ask her out cus she's hot. Most guys do that anyways

Well clearly she is a bitch and shouldn't be the girl of your can do better OP:)

Daddymo 14

I think you need to raise your standards to include pretty girls that aren't also bitches.

I agree! And be proud that you had the balls to ask her out. Now you see the ugly and dont have to deal with more of it

22cute 17

Right! Or just get to know a girl on the inside before you decide she's your dream. Women are not hood ornaments, they're real people.

You need to get better dreams! I agree with 3 - this one's an arrogant bitch. You need to raise your standards above her not lower them. I hope you meet her again in 20 years - when you have a loving family with a caring wife and she been dumped by a succession of equally shallow guys as her one advantage - her looks - is inevitably lost with her youth. You'll see who has the high standards then!

Or tell her, "Yeah my standards are already low. So do you want to go see a movie Friday?"

Get to know the girl on the inside, eh? hehehehehehehehehehehe ...sorry. It's been a long day.

Tell her you already did lower them, that's why your asking her.

tjv3 10

Man she is below you. Just brush it off and keep going

They say girls go for bad boys but on FML it seems all the boys fall for the biggest bitches.

"Today, I fell for a perfect girl that treats me like royalty, always makes me feel special, and is beautiful. The feeling was mutual. FML" ....? That's the reason people on FML date the assholes. :P

More of raise your standards, considering she's a bitch.

Why can't girls just simply say no?

"Lower your standards." "I did, why do you think I'm asking you out?"

Because a lot of guys don't take no for an answer and continue nagging.

Schizomaniac 24

You'll see this a thousand times over, but you dodged a bullet. Fuck that bitch.

I'm pretty sure he wanted to.

Then you say, 'I already have.'

easyprey 8

If you wanted to be mean you could of said "i already did"

UrCapsLockOn 12


If only responses like these come to OP during the incident.

vol4life 6

Shot to the heart darlin you give love a bad name

"And you're to blame..." I really hope I'm not the only one to catch this musical reference.

easyprey 8

An angels smile, on your lips. Blood red mails on your finger tips A school boys dream, you act so shy. Your very first kiss was your first kiss goodbye!!! Don't worry your not the only one

reddudeover 2

19 - Instantly, but honestly I give him credit for having good taste at least.