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Today, I finally finished my art project which was worth 50% of my quarterly grade. I came in 1st period to give it to her. When she turned to look at it, her elbow hit her coffee and spilled it all over the canvas. I got 60%. She said I would have had a 100%, except for the giant coffee stain. FML
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Bud_fml 16

Complain to the school You failbecausez she's uncoordinated? Not right

tell her to give you a hundred or you'll report her for vandalism


I'm replying here cause it's near the top which is almost as good as first. Btw. you should either sue the hell out of your teacher or burn her her house down.

What are you going to sue for? but seriously, if your teacher is so absent-minded she didn't know she spilt her coffee, you should talk to someone about that.

americayay 0

Yeah, pretty much everyone has it right. There's a higher up to go to. She can't really do that.

Dude. I know how you feel..Art teachers suck!

this is ******* faaaaAAAAAke o hai there

holy geez, what is it with you guys and suing people?? there are ways to complain without suing a person.

Skull_300 0

Then you should have said I would have gotten a D in this class with the 60, but now I'm going to Beat the **** out of the Art Teacher!!!

******* teachers with their shitty coffee

boatkicker 4

It's not just art teachers. I've had history and english teachers who did things like that. They wouldn't even read all the papers they got. On opinion questions they would just find out what side of the argument you were on. If your side wasn't the side that they thought was right you would fail or get a D, depending on the length. If you agreed with them, they would actually read the paper and grade based on quality. One of them even admitted it to the class.

Shit, I had a History teacher kind of like that. Luckily, we didn't write many opinion essays. He just ridiculed you in class if you weren't a Republican.

talk to the administration and get that bitch fired so she cant **** up anyone else's futures!!

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What is with this "First" crap?? Who cares if you are first! What, do you want a cookie or a medal for being the first to post??? It's not going to happen. GROW UP!

cowgod 0

obviously you care otherwise you wouldnt be freaking out

Yup hes probably mad he wasnt first...anyways OP that really sucks you should talk to your teacher cause you deserve an 100, its her fault about the coffee stain anyways right!

JustinBieberIsOK 0

lol nice name and profile pic :)

I would ask if she was being serious, if it was legit her fault, she should take the blame.

I would do that, and if she said she was serious, I would go to the head of her department (assuming it's not her) and then go to the dean.

#89 You basically said what I was going to say. Try talking to her. If that doesn't work, go above her head and throw a shit fit.

Skull_300 0

**** it, just change your ******* grade in the grade book when the asshole goes to get a coffee!

@150 omg that's ******* funny. o.p. u should talk to the principal.

tell her to give you a hundred or you'll report her for vandalism

Bud_fml 16

Complain to the school You failbecausez she's uncoordinated? Not right

That ******* bitch of a teacher. I'd have killed her.

WTF. I would complain to her ass, that the COFFEE STAIN is there because of HER.

wow. you're a smart one for figuring that out.

That is retarded, how can she lower your grades for something that is her fault.

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boatkicker 4

No but some schools have requirements as to the number of electives you've got to pass in order to graduate, so failing it could actually end up screwing everything up.

#8 the importance of the class is not relevant... the point is the stupid bitch deducted 40 points for a mistake she made! seriously from a 100 to 60 that's harsh!! Report her for sure.

hornetchik 0

Who cares if its not an important class? To some people, it IS, and I know when I did Art in school, my grades mattered to me heaps! I would also be extremely ****** off if some dumb bitch slopped coffee on something I had spent hours laboring over. EXTREMELY ****** off.

actually, art can take you pretty damn far in life if you're good.

caamm 0

yea but so can just about anything on earth

Really being creative and being GOOD at it is a rare skill and can easily take you to the top of EVERYTHING... most other subjects aren't that powerful no matter how good you are.

And if this person is considering art for their career, maybe this was going to be a PORTFOLIO PIECE. That's even more important than the grade.

#8: Yea cos all of those people who design catwalk collections and make CD cases for big bands and think up the designs for huge buildings haven't got anywhere in live. I know it's unrelated, but I hate how everyone thinks that art students are idiots doing a stupid subject, just because we've chosen something fun that we actually enjoy doing there's no need to be mean Something like this happened to me last year, while my final piece was drying someone accidentally sprayed ink all over it, but the teachers were understanding and still gave me a high mark

Whether the class will get you anywhere or not (and I think that's debatable), if it's graded it still factors into your GPA. I took an art class for fun once, teacher thought my art was too "contrived" and gave me a bad grade. The class means nothing to me, except that it took me 2 years to fix the mess it made of my GPA. FYL, OP. You definitely need to speak with the professor privately about this, or if not go higher. Try talking to your Dean -- at my school, part of his/her job is to be your advocate in situations like this.

Wow, someone sure doesn't like art. Sounds to me like someone failed art at some point and still hasn't forgotten about it. Just like Hitler. True story, you know. So don't hate art just because you don't have enough talent to pass it. I bet you're a business student. And try not to forget the importance of art the next time you, for example, sit in a chair, walk through some doors, sip from your mug. Because someone had to design that for you. Art's everywhere. Unless you'd prefer to be living in a plain gray room for the rest of your life you need art.

Same. Really, her coffee spill, her fault. In fact, normally when a teacher makes a mistake like that, they're supposed to automatically give the student a hundred (assuming they actually put in time and effort into it). I think. That's what usually happens over here, anyways.

he doesnt like art big deal some people dont want to be artist or give a shit about art unlike me

JustinBieberIsOK 0

you probably wouldn't even have grey let alone colors without art..

#8 saying that art won't get you far in life is like saying Picasso and da Vinci were armatures and that all the artists who put their time and labor into the art work it takes to draw up very original imaginative things for your action movies such as DC and Marvel. Apparently art got them all some where. Remembered and known for their beautiful work.

aroymart 0

wow, There is another person in my class with the same first name as me, and even when i put my last name my teachers mess up our papers and gives me a zero and the other kid a 100

devendra_fml 0

you should've thrown hot coffee in her face and been like "i would call an ambulance for you, but you have a giant coffee stain on your face".