By brrrr that's cold! - 27/01/2011 20:24 - United States

Today, I finally felt well enough to take an actual shower after having surgery on my back. It took five minutes to stand up, ten minutes to get to the shower, and another ten minutes to get in. The pilot light went out in less than five minutes. FML
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there are worse things that could happen op

^ Just because the world isn't ending doesn't mean you're not entitled to have a bad day.

Well, at least you're feeling somewhat better! Back surgery is the worst. :/

The Dakhlohd is showing sympathy? I know the apocalypse is coming. We're doomed, doomed I tell you!

I know right! all those birds dying! IM SCARED :'(

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I'm very curious? also why'd you have an ****** over dumbledoors body at the end of your latest movie?

And I'm Capricorn, but who gives a shit !

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isn't it a light that tells you when your hot water is out? I'm just guessing. Look at OP's name.

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The pilot light is a small burner in a water heater and theirs went out make the water cold

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My brother had scoliosis and also had to get back surgery. He was also pretty helpless. FYL. Don't you have anyone to take care of you? :(

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I have that but the doctors say that it's mild

Did you jump reflexively when the water went cold? That would've really sucked. As it is, cold water can't have felt nice on your sore back. At least you moved around a bit and had five minutes worth of shower. FYL

Aww :( Well I hope you get better soon.

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Well shit, notagoodayforme, since you're unable to get it into your head that FMyLife isn't a dating service, you'll now be taking an all expenses paid vacation from polluting our site's comments section with your pre-pubescent letching. Way to live up to your username, son.

do you watch the austrailian open? go Murray :D

how many minutes did it take you to write this? :D

I'm going to take a guess and say... over 9000?

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He is still writing this FML. You must have psychic powers to be reading this already.

Or OP started writing this fml two years ago :)

He probably wrote this after that because fml requires that your post start with today,

Sucks that you're having a bad day, but I'm confused too. Did all the water in the tank spontaneously go cold when the pilot light went out?