By dumbAssCollegeStudent - United States - Milwaukee
Today, I finally did my laundry after a good few weeks, only to think another washer was a dryer. I just ran my clothes through the wash 3 times, because I was confused as to why they weren't drying. FML
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  ThatOneChick856  |  36

Based on OP's name, their washers and dryers might be like the one at my university dorms, where there are only four buttons that pretty much just say "hot", "warm", "delicates", and "cold". Though it's still weird that he didn't get it, because I know ours having the washers and dryers separate.

  HeyyShayy  |  15

Even then the buttons are way different from dryers. My university washers wouldn't turn on until we turned the knobs for water temperature and cycle so...I don't know how anyone screws that up lol