By Anonymous - United States - Logan
Today, I finally decided to stand up for myself and quit my crappy job working for my abusive father. I gave him a few insults too, to which he reacted by calling the police and claiming I'd threatened to murder him. I spent three hours in jail before they finally let me go. FML
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  sarah6786  |  14

I don't think that would make any difference.
The cops are kind of mandated to do that even though its messed up. If it were me I would just forget about those three wasted hours and move on with my life (without him in it) and not dwell on the situation. It probably would be best in the end.

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

There's a few stories where the OP should punch a person. This one however, is definitely not one of those times. OP already went to jail for making a "threat", so punching his dad would probably be the worst thing to do in this situation

By  smbio  |  17

Sounds like you knew you were playing with fire, I'm not sure what you expected. The best revenge is always acting like the better man.

By  Gho5tk3y  |  17

Way to stand up for yourself op but you probably should've stuck to the high road. Throwing insults might feel good at the time but it can come back to bite you in the ass later, especially with family since can't easily push them out of your life. YLS for having to go through that.