By couchsurfer - Canada - Toronto
Today, I finally convinced my girlfriend to allow the cats to sleep with us on the bed. As we started to cuddle, one of the cats pissed right in between us. We are sleeping on the couch until the baking soda absorbs the smell in the mattress. I'll be sleeping there longer than that. FML
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  folfg0  |  12

I see what you did there #64! ;)
For everyone else. Bitch is a female dog that's in heat. So a cat can't be a bitch because it's not a dog!

As for op...
That's why I tell everyone to get a dog. ~Riley Pool

  xNephilim  |  18

Yeah and if you litter or toilet train your cat, she won't do her business in the house either, unless she has no way of getting to the litter box or toilet.

  Grimmerie  |  31

Unless the cat gets territorial, or angry, or jealous, or frightened, or upset, or bored, or decides it likes a corner for peeing in, or the box is too clean or too dirty or smells wrong, or you don't follow the "one more litter box than the number of cats" rule ...

Other than those reasons and a dozen others I'm probably forgetting, your cat will never pee outside its box once trained. Ever.

  AlexaWuzHere  |  31

My cat was litter box trained within 2 days of getting him. The ONLY time he didn't use the litter box was when he got sick off of food and couldn't make it. My dogs, although they are trained to go outside, still leave messes on the floor far more often than my cat.

  xMidna  |  6

My two year old male tabby, who was only desexed twoish weeks ago has slept in my bed since he was 6 weeks and the only accident he ever had was the morning after we got him. He shat on my doona >.> and being a kitten who's just been brought into a new environment... Yeah...

But he does like pissing in the dirty washing baskets, never clean washing thank god xP

  pcentral  |  17

Dear 111: You should note that for a burn to work effectively, you really need to be able to use the correct spelling and grammar. Conceded?? Hmmm...

*shakes head and walks away*