By couchsurfer - 10/08/2012 00:02 - Canada - Toronto

Today, I finally convinced my girlfriend to allow the cats to sleep with us on the bed. As we started to cuddle, one of the cats pissed right in between us. We are sleeping on the couch until the baking soda absorbs the smell in the mattress. I'll be sleeping there longer than that. FML
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And that's why cats are cockblocks.

pcentral 17

I don't need pets in my bed. I'm already animal enough


ieatcanteloupe 7

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Kitty boxes may help..

MetalxSoldier 26

So you got cockblocked by a pussy huh. I know how hard that can be. Sorry op.

Was your cat pissed off with you or jealous of your girlfriend? Cats can retaliate in the most obnoxious ways.

PlastikSeraph 2


Mum=mum Dad=dad ...I know. I am incredibly deep tonight...

Shouldn't DOGS=SGOD?

They can be wonderfully delicious sometimes... Perhaps that is why I get hungry when I see a cat!

And that's why cats are cockblocks.

Not necessarily.

Wtf type of a comment is that? ^^^ That's so boring??

Perhaps she got zapped up into an alien spacecraft - and that was all she had time for... Maybe she decided to go get pissed...

No, the aliens zapped the interesting out of her.

Slender_Man 6

So, what you're saying is, you can be cock blocked by a pussy? Sounds kinda ironic.

That's just mean!

theslimshadylp 6

Cats are dicks plain and simple.

Actually, cats are pussies. :D

So now pussy=dick?

Strap-a-dick to me baby

citymayer 7

Not all of them. My cat isn't like that; my cat is weird though.. But my sister's cat is an asshole. I could wring that little bitch's neck.

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

Your cats not an asshole until it pisses in your lap while your petting it. Yes, it was personal experience...

Zoh_Aubrey 8

I love my cat but she's a bitch. I raised her much like owner.

A cat isn't a dick it is a cat... All though it might have and dick or possibly a pussy.

I see what you did there #64! ;) For everyone else. Bitch is a female dog that's in heat. So a cat can't be a bitch because it's not a dog! As for op... That's why I tell everyone to get a dog. ~Riley Pool

falon142012 22

I think a bitch is just a female dog, in heat or not. lol

One reason why dogs are better. Once they're house trained, they rarely do their business in the house.

Yeah and if you litter or toilet train your cat, she won't do her business in the house either, unless she has no way of getting to the litter box or toilet.

Or she/he is pissed off with you.

Unless the cat gets territorial, or angry, or jealous, or frightened, or upset, or bored, or decides it likes a corner for peeing in, or the box is too clean or too dirty or smells wrong, or you don't follow the "one more litter box than the number of cats" rule ... Other than those reasons and a dozen others I'm probably forgetting, your cat will never pee outside its box once trained. Ever.

Sounds like Rex needs some downtime, or a big hug. X

If you can hug her without being mauled, I commend you!

Huh. I've never had those problems with my cat.

My cat was litter box trained within 2 days of getting him. The ONLY time he didn't use the litter box was when he got sick off of food and couldn't make it. My dogs, although they are trained to go outside, still leave messes on the floor far more often than my cat.

Umm actually dog do more in the house..... Cats know to go to a litter box where as you have to take the dog outside... :D

And that's why dogs are better!

flutter4 7

Dogs are not better

bigtaytay 13

I second that. I don't trust cats, they're too unpredictable

How ironic. Because of pussy, you won't get pussy. XD but seriously that sucks dude >.

Cockblocked by a pussy, funny how that works.

So typical. Couldn't just have one pussy in bed. Had to have them all

This is why you don't let cats sleep in a place they've never been. THEY MARK THEIR TERRITORY AND THEIR PISS SMELLS LIKE LINDSEY LOHAN'S BREATH!!

Dallasluver19 14

Yeah. Cats and Lindsay Lohan = 2 bitches.

Um, my cats have never done this. Some cats do (mostly unspayed ones) but not all of them do.

Vash_41288 10

Hey come on it doesn't smell that bad..... Cats urine smell that is..

My two year old male tabby, who was only desexed twoish weeks ago has slept in my bed since he was 6 weeks and the only accident he ever had was the morning after we got him. He shat on my doona >.> and being a kitten who's just been brought into a new environment... Yeah... But he does like pissing in the dirty washing baskets, never clean washing thank god xP

92 that was a very interesting cat documentary next time write it somewhere else where everyone cares

Midna, cats will often piss in areas like that when they have a uti. Next time you are at the vets may not hurt to get it checked.

Thank you for your wonderful story, 92.

pcentral 17

I don't need pets in my bed. I'm already animal enough

id like to chat with u

Teabubbles 8

Your profile picture says it all ;)

You piss the bed too?

BioncaLuLu69 3

-71 He sure does :D! Then shits his hands and throws it at the walls :)!!!!!

calilovergirl 4

I think i just threw up in my mouth a little. I'd rather have my cat next to me , then the conceded dude in this pic, who also apparently pisses himself.

pcentral 17

Dear 111: You should note that for a burn to work effectively, you really need to be able to use the correct spelling and grammar. Conceded?? Hmmm... *shakes head and walks away*

jeragonm 15

Ya bro! Talk about Beast Mode! Lol

9, you might want to let 111 that you were joking and it was quite funny. People can't take a joke anymore lol.

I see a "my cat from hell" candidate in the making.

I'm sorry, what? I was distracted by the boobies.

27- girls get distracted by boobs too?!

Fuck yes. Well, I do.

Yep girls do as well :3

Hooray for boobies!

curlyfry33 8

Cats are dicks, I got peed on by a cat twice in my sleep. And when it's a hot night and your marinating in pee for 7 hours you tend to get over their cuteness.

10- jeez that sucks for you. Get a dog, or a fish.