By ohwell - 09/06/2009 21:40 - United States

Today, I finally confessed to the guy I've liked for 2 years. I told him that I've really liked him for a long time and that I knew he had a girlfriend and I didn't expect anything from him, I just wanted him to know. His response: "Are you done? 'Cause I need to go to the bathroom." FML
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Wait 2 years and confess when he has a gf? Mm-HM.

Well, you weren't expecting anything from him.... and if he had a girlfriend why bother? if he liked you he would be dating you not her.


YDI because you said you didn't expect anything from him. Let the man pee!

Well at least he took the time to listen to you ramble on

Why do comments like these get so much hate? It's literally one of the most innocent things you can write, except if the post was about a death

OHH that is so messed up! I feel so bad for you Also good job for liking a butt.

Aww I'm sorry At least you know now what a dick he is

He's not a dick, he had a girlfriend and OP is being rude by telling him that she likes him when she knows that he had a girlfriend.

lol. obviously he doesn't feel that same way :/ sorry!

Wait 2 years and confess when he has a gf? Mm-HM.

yeah, I agree. why did you confess to him, knowing he's already got a gf? that just makes things awkward. he probably said that as an excuse to get away. I mean, how else was he supposed to respond?

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He's an asshole for not cheating on his girlfriend? Yeah, that makes total sense.

ohh thats shitty