By fuzzle003 - Australia - Canberra
Today, I finally bought the expensive but beautifully stylish dress I've been eyeing for ages online. Ten minutes later, I went back to check the shoes the model was wearing so I could coordinate my outfit. The dress had been reduced to half price. FML
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By  victoriakarsynn  |  0

I don't see why that's an issue

  Trisha_aus  |  15

Do people even bother reading the FML? Here's one who doesn't understand why its an Fml and there's another one who failed to comprehend that she was online shopping, oh dear lord

  day624  |  14

#1 your kidding right? Do you not understand anything at all? #36 if she returns it they will give her back whatever its worth.. So it would be pointless

  rainbowglass  |  5

You can also talk to the store manager. Most places have a 14 day price guarantee. Some places the time frame is shorter, but regardless, if it's in the span of 10 minutes, I don't see how they can't fix it. If the store manager doesn't do it for you, call the head office.

As someone who works retail, I know that you can somehow get that money back.

  rainbowglass  |  5

She can go to the nearest store, which sounds like it was where she bought her shoes. Managers can still help with online orders or refer to the customer service department of the head office.

  Pentium_4  |  26

i think he meant caught by a train as in having to wait for a train to cross on her way to the store in hopes of delaying another 10 minutes. but that doesn't really apply when you're online shopping.

By  SchlomoTheGrinch  |  17

Oh wow, can't you predict the future? Come on, OP! I thought that was a common skill!

Okay okay, take the easy way out and do the cancel -> re-order-thing. I still think it'd be WAY cooler if you learned to predict the future!