By Suomynona - 12/07/2013 20:40 - Germany - Hamburg

Today, I felt lousy and decided to give myself a pep-talk in the mirror. After a while, I cheered up and went about my day. I soon found out that my sister had recorded me through the crack of my door and posted the video on Facebook. I'm humiliated. FML
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CallMeWindSock 24

His sister seems like a bitch.

Pwn17 25

Some people seem like they just don't have a soul.

People might understand the pep-talk because it is common to do. There might be one or two people thay try to make it bad.

Pwn17 25

You want Mean!!! Report her to Facebook and have her account wiped. No more video. If she has the nerve to complain, just smile at her without saying anything.

yeah, like Facebook ever does anything about that...

Facebook locks out people's accounts for no reason at all from what I can see. If you are harassing/bullying/abusing others, they will. Especially after all those kids committed suicide after being bullied.

And the sister-of-the-year award goes to...!

Apparently people who talk to themselves are smarter than people who don't. If this is true, i should be somewhere up there with Stephen Hawkins.

14, exact same way how kids are always posting these 'fight videos' on someone getting humiliated and whooped. Someone on my Facebook did that a few times and she was getting right excited over it -_- until me and another guy got mad at her for posting stuff like that and she did not post anything like that again. Also, she was not a random kid, she is my next door neighbour who is around 15. Got mad at her in person too LOL

AboveAll04 14

29, one cares -__-

AurumPotestasEst 16

*His sister... the FML says it's a guy.

#52, I thought it was a rather intriguing story to share, actually.

#52, It would appear people do care. Doesn't seem they care much about your comment though.

olpally 32

Go falcon punch her and delete the video.

Well even if she could delete the video, the damage is done isn't it? I mean, people have probably already seen it... I feel so bad for OP... :

#20 Some have probably even downloaded it and reposted it.

The best thing for OP to do is own up to his embarrassment and just embrace it, because people cannot make fun of you if you can laugh at it too. Guy Code.

#39, I think the best thing for op to do is get revenge. Revenge that will haunt her for the rest of her life! That may be a little too far... I may be a little diabolical.

#60 that wasn't as funny as you thought it was.

I would have been so humiliated. With family like that. Seriously what was she thinking. Good thing you didn't do something awful.

Nolimit2217 32

She would've been more evil if she'd have tagged her.

You'll find a way to get back at her. I suggest putting laxatives in her drinks. Make sure you put a video camera in her bathroom. Enjoy!

Two wrongs do not make a right, but it sure as hell is funny!

#6 As wrong as it may be, I support this plan. Do they still make chocolate ex-lax? Maybe do it up That 70s Show style. Sorry OP but no one needs to have their confidence and esteem shattered that way.

You're right, revenge isn't a good, but in some cases you've got to bend your morales. There should be retribution for the sister's malicious actions or she'll think she can get away with treating people like that.

That's so sad. :-( Don't let her bring you down and report the post on FB for damage control.

Sometimes I pep-talk to a picture of Morgan Freeman. I think using a mirror might be better for me.

If anyone gives you shit for it they need to grow up. Any normal person has done that at least once.

Hi amy I'm Victoria and I don't know what I'm doing with my life. Maybe we could be pen pals.

Well, I haven't really done it, but I don't see how watching a video of it would be considered funny in the first that really what strikes people as humorous...?

Sie können es machen! Look at the bright side of this: you now have a reference for it you ever wanted to be a motivational speaker! Life will always be dark if you never look at the silver lining in the sky.

well I think I'm normal....and I've never done that? weird.

Do everything in your power to have that video removed, if possible. Not to mention the fact that your sister sounds like a bitch, OP. Sorry to hear that.