By Anonymous - United States
  Today, I felt a horrible pain while having sex with my wife, and I had to stop. I thought it was a hernia or something, but she called me a liar and accused me of everything from not finding her attractive, to me cheating on her. It turned out I had appendicitis. She still won't apologize. FML
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  jenninator93  |  18

#66 I totally agree, she was being awfully bitchy and childish. Her accusations were uncalled for. OP deserves an apology, and they need to talk about her insecurities or there's just going to be more stupid fights in store.

  Vitotaylor36  |  13

A lot of times, this kind of over-reactiveness and these accusations hint at personal infidelity as well. She may be cheating herself, and so worried about being caught, that she thinks he is. A guilty conscience kind of thing.

  countryb_cth  |  38

@1 I agree with you OP's wife sounds extreamly insecure. He needs to have a serious talk with his wife. Not only did she acuse him of cheating she also didn't bother to even apologize which makes her an even bigger bitch. Especially since surgery is usually need for the appendix, you would think that would tell her that he only stopped due to pain. Hopefully OP has a long and serious talk with her, if they don't talk there will be more stupid fights like this one. I hope he mentions to her that not apologizing was extremely rude of her and he does deserve a proper apology.

OP I hope your recovery is quick and hopefully your wife gets off her high horse.

  tonyfan00  |  38

#58 Appendicitis is when your appendix swells or becomes inflamed. A serious medical condition, as if left untreated it can cause the appendix to burst and cause a life-threatening infection. It is actually a common problem, with as many as 1 in 15 people suffering from it at some point in their lives (most common in males between the start of puberty and age 25, but it can happen to either gender in this age range. Elderly and children under the age of two are least likely to be effected).

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

My mom had appendicitis, they made her wait about 32 hours for surgery and hers ended up bursting without them knowing. Thankfully it didn't spread everywhere and the surgery was fine but she could've died if it has spread throughout her body because they didn't even know it had burst in the first place. But yes, appendicitis is not only excruciating but life threatening.

By  awkotaco333  |  15

Girls are super sensitive at times.. Buy her flowers and tell her she's hot as fuck

  sweetnsourrr  |  11

Seriously? She doesn't deserve flowers after being so dramatic over something that wasn't about her. I am a girl and I am not even that sensitive, the bs that girls tell themselves so they can sleep at night.

  LadyDerps  |  10

That's not just 'being sensitive' when you still refuse to take responsibility after it is a confirmed issue that serious. Her partner is in pain and all she can think of is how his reaction must be because of her own flaws? She needs therapy to get to the root of her problems, not flowers. Plus, if the situation was reversed I would just deck a ho. If I am in pain I don't need emotional stress, and really any talking in general when I'm trying to concentrate on my intestines not exploding. On top of that, that is insensitive stereotyping. Congrats for feeding sexism, because clearly women and only women are 'super sensitive'.

  alindori  |  2

How about a swift boot to the ass out the door and some divorce papers?

I think we can agree, she deserves that much.

Imagine if OP had randomly been shot through a window while they were doing the dirty? She probably would have told him to suck it up then too!

By  rbubbles  |  20

Haha bitches be cray. My ex used to accuse me of cheating and was constantly paranoid. Ends up he was cheating, he obviously must've thought I was capable of doing the same as him. Nut case

  alindori  |  2

Down voted simply for the act of using the word "cray" in ANY sentence, we're trying to rebuild America, not recess it further..

And to the comment two spots above mine; it's relevant because OP's wife was accusing him of cheating. So this commenter is referencing an ex who accused her as well.