By Ackbar - 27/02/2009 15:18 - United States

Today, I fell out of the shower. It was still on. Bracing my fall, I reached into the toilet. It wasn't flushed. FML
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#1 or #2?

I ef-ing hate people who don't flush!


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#1 or #2?

"bracing my fall, I reached into the toilet" good idea... YDI for reaching into a toilet

also you're taking a shower don't sweat it it'll come off with a little scrubbing if #2 and if #1 it should just rinse off

I ef-ing hate people who don't flush!

Two bright sides: Your in the shower. You didn't accidentally flush the toilet.

I would be thankful for not dying instead of worried about a little poo-hand contact. It's still gross, tho.

Wow, that sucks :( Are you okay?

Wow...firstly why wouldn't you flush the toilet??? And secondly, how the HELL does one fall out of the shower?

who doesn't flush the toilet?

Nice bathroom. A clumsy person manages somehow to fall out of the shower and the toilet just happens to be right there to fall into. Sure, sounds like it really happened. Not.

it might be a small bathroom. it could happen in my bathroom

At least the shower was still on to wash it all off. :P Also: Person before me: My bathroom is laid out in such a way that this would be very easy to do.

Not flushing after finishing is like not wiping your ass. Disgusting.

...and why wasn't it flushed? =

flush, or put the lid down, or learn how to get into the shower. either way ydi.