By meeeee! - 02/03/2015 13:26 - United States - Wilmington

Today, I fell out of a window while trying to close it so no one would fall out. FML
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Looks like your plan fell through

Sounds pane-ful


Irony sucks man. Hope you feel better soon!

He had a concern for an open window that he shouldn't have fell for!

Reminds me of the time I tied my shoes so I wouldn't trip but I tripped anyway. Should've not tried to tie my shoes when I was surrounded by wet floor signs, butter, and banana peels.

Has anybody actually tripped over a banana peel in real life? Serious question.

#15 oh yeah, thrice.

@15 those things slide like magic, I've done it at school thinking I wouldn't actually slip haha

I have never seen it but I did watch someone slip on a Roma tomato. He was really tall and it took him forever to fall. My instant laughing was uncontrollable, thankfully he thought it was funny. Thank God for cameras in the kitchen, everyone watched that video.

15, once, in class, my Spanish teacher threw a banana peel on the ground and had himself and then a volunteer walk on it to see if they're actually slippery. ... And, yes, they are.

Well good deal for trying to help people. Bad deal you fell out the window. Chew some tobacco. It'll take your mind off the whole deal.

Thats probably the worst advice I have ever heard.

I heard you can also drown your sorrows in vodka.

You could've at least suggested smoking pot. That would be much more preferable.

I hope you're ok. I guess you're arms aren't broken since you were able to type this. Irony sucks sometimes.

your** brother, your!! Except English isn't your first language, get your shit together.

*Unless, not except .. maybe you should get your shit together before being a grammar Nazi

Normally I'd beat myself up over this grammatical error, but I'll forgive myself because of two things: it was Monday morning, and you seem to be beating yourself up plenty. So "except" I do this again today, I won't be upset.

are you trying to justify stupidity by stating it's another day of the week? *you're* pathetic

Except: preposition 1. with the exclusion of; excluding; save; but: They were all there except me. If you didn't already, you should feel really stupid.

You're (intentionally done) lives must be so fun.

And the correct form would have been "excepting". Feel stupid already?

Must be that much of a dangerous window that it needs to be kept shut

I'm going to go with yes considering OP himself fell through...

Window you people ever learn? *hangs head in shame* Sorry. I had to.

Looks like your plan fell through

I feel your pane. Hope you're alright

At first I thought this was a misspelling, but then I realized it's a glass pun . . . bravo

Not sure why you were confused, I thought it was quite... clear.

so the window and you had a fall out I'm sorry to hear about your loss lol jk be careful and try not to get hurt too much...

I hope you're okay hopefully no one else fell out after you