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By  MrSassypants  |  32

Reminds me of the time I tied my shoes so I wouldn't trip but I tripped anyway. Should've not tried to tie my shoes when I was surrounded by wet floor signs, butter, and banana peels.

  chef4money  |  12

I have never seen it but I did watch someone slip on a Roma tomato. He was really tall and it took him forever to fall. My instant laughing was uncontrollable, thankfully he thought it was funny. Thank God for cameras in the kitchen, everyone watched that video.

  Stormcloak  |  20

15, once, in class, my Spanish teacher threw a banana peel on the ground and had himself and then a volunteer walk on it to see if they're actually slippery. ... And, yes, they are.

  ajs1987  |  15

Normally I'd beat myself up over this grammatical error, but I'll forgive myself because of two things: it was Monday morning, and you seem to be beating yourself up plenty. So "except" I do this again today, I won't be upset.