By wo-ow - 06/06/2014 23:09 - United States - Bronx

Today, I fell down the stairs and broke my leg. My dad helped me to the car so he could drive me to the hospital, but when he saw our neighbor, he went over and had a 15 minute screaming match with him over how his dog keeps shitting on our lawn, all while I sat in the car in agony. FML
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I'm sorry op... Hopefully your leg gets better!


I'm sorry op... Hopefully your leg gets better!

Oh doggum, he was just pulling her leg

Did you finally get to the hospital?

This was actually typed with a broken leg and tears on the phone screen

#8 your profile pic confused me. i thought there was something on my screen

#8 you got me twice on the first two comments... -_- anyway, OP I hope you have a speedy recovery!

Some say she still sits in that car to this day..

Clearly this was the best time to rain down a shit storm.

According to OP, it most certainly was not.

Well this is awkward..

I agree with #39 how is it awkward?

Wow, that's suckish. Sorry OP. I hope you eventually got to a hospital to get your leg checked out.

Here come the shitty puns.

this could be a sticky situation

OP shouldn't have to put up with this shit.

Clearly shit takes priority above all.

Dogs shitting on your lawn is pretty fucking annoying

I would have let out a blood-curdling scream a couple minutes in.

I completely agree, I would've been screaming, crying, honking the horn, anything to get him moving. It makes me wonder if the OP just say there quietly, patiently waiting? If so, than I guess the pain had subsided by then?

I was wondering if maybe the father doesn't respond well to being interrupted, regardless of the situation. I've know people with parents that will put off their kids' needs for something totally unimportant.