By wo-ow - United States - Bronx
Today, I fell down the stairs and broke my leg. My dad helped me to the car so he could drive me to the hospital, but when he saw our neighbor, he went over and had a 15 minute screaming match with him over how his dog keeps shitting on our lawn, all while I sat in the car in agony. FML
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  Brandi_Faith  |  33

I completely agree, I would've been screaming, crying, honking the horn, anything to get him moving. It makes me wonder if the OP just say there quietly, patiently waiting? If so, than I guess the pain had subsided by then?

  TisAPenguin  |  16

I was wondering if maybe the father doesn't respond well to being interrupted, regardless of the situation. I've know people with parents that will put off their kids' needs for something totally unimportant.