By Anonymous - 28/02/2013 22:33 - United Kingdom - Newtownards

Today, I fell down a flight of stairs at college. I was taken to hospital with a fractured ankle and had to call my parents to drive me home. They constantly made passive-aggressive remarks on the way home, because I'd "totally ruined" their plans to eat out at a fancy restaurant tonight. FML
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captainObviously 15

I have a suspicion that your dad was going to be the only one 'eating out' while they were all alone that night.

Kudos to the selfish parents...


captainObviously 15

I have a suspicion that your dad was going to be the only one 'eating out' while they were all alone that night.

Word play, nice.

Observance, even nicer.

evan_7899 28

lots of nice here, very positive

Isn't that what FML is known for?

MrBrightside21 20

1 - "That's better than Macaroni and cheese!" -Clark from Benchwarmers

My friend, have you ever heard of sarcasm?

Nope, what's that?

This isn't directed at you, 60, but rather the downvoters. Why are you guys taking me so seriously? xD

Because you're not very funny

Kudos to the selfish parents...

Well, I guess it really depends on how OP managed to fall down the stairs. Simple accident? Acceptable. Otherwise... (get creative, FML community) vvv

Tackled by spotted, radioactive koala bear.

^who could play the lute.

MarisaCB 16

At least they came to help you!

why you gotta cockblock kiddo?

Broken ankle can wait.

Meh. It's hard to find time to find romance these days. At least they picked you up.

NickaPLZ 26

Not really. It's their fault for not hitting the bedroom more often, and NOT OP's problem at all, really.

I think your relationship is broken.

MrBrightside21 20

I think my penis is broken :(

I think my hymens broken :8

27- I think our friendship is broken :(

42- you're contradicting your username :( You should say, "My penis may be broken, but I'll still be able to do everything from the waist up!!" :)

I think the bright side would be; 'my pen is is broken but it is still usable and stays firmer longer with this nice splint the doctor put on.'

Your parents should realize that their son is more important

yourlifesucksHA 14

How do you know that it might have been a girl.

musiciangirl591 16

it says man next to the name

skulltorn 8

Depends on how shitty the son is.

I am sure they were concerned... but parents get so few special occasions, I can't blame them for being disappointed... but they should have put a better face on it out of respect to your injury.

I beg to differ actually, if she's an only child then considering she's in college they should have plenty of time alone. Perhaps her parents just suck or were joking around.

dmblonde 13

It's a guy

Good call. Does not change the opinion at all however

Op's parents: " we had reservations for god's sake, why couldn't you just walk, selfish bastard! "

I think it would be a bit ironic if OPs parents called him a bastard...

Snowcones 14

Parents :/ *sigh*