By Math_Rocker - 02/09/2009 22:17 - United States

Today, I fell asleep in class. Usually, people just sit still when asleep. Nope, not me. Not only had I been violently rocking and nodding my head, the teacher stopped class for everyone to see for 5 minutes as she made jokes. What woke me? The intense laughter followed by embarrassment. FML
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Should have told them you had a seizure and made them feel bad.


still lmfao... maybe funniest one so far

At least you didn't drool on your desk?

YDI for sleeping

LMAO. I agree. :P

yup you should never sleep in school..... most of the time. :DD

Lol there is no way you can keep from sleeping. High school classes are so boring, same with college. The teachers just love to drone on when they talk. ______________________________

That's unfortunate for you... my college classes are rather entertaining :)

some days you're just tired...even if it's not boring

Oh yeah? What classes are you taking? My major is astrophysics, and some of the lectures are so boring I just want to set myself on fire.

haha, if ya want lyrics, take a look at my other comments. i think i have 3 on the wrestling (old guy licks his lips) and my fave one is on the anal :)

thats why i dont like sleeping in class because i have a feeling somthing wrong is going to happen x]

if you dont like them, why take those courses or be that major. That makes no sense. I am deeply interested in every college course i take

your teacher is funny

sounds like a good teacher

haha sucks to be u ... that bitch ass teacher smack that foo

only thing that could have been worse, saying your teachers name over and over again while nodding your head.

Should have told them you had a seizure and made them feel bad.

Your teacher is awesome