By Anonymous - United States - Kankakee
Today, I fell asleep in class. One minute I'm listening to a lecture, and twenty-five minutes later, I'm waking up screaming in agony in front of everyone after biting my tongue in my sleep. FML
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  mpalmiter  |  0

My brother bit his tongue almost completely off when he got into an auto accident and had to have it surgically re-attached. He was in so much pain, but even then didn't scream.

  TheMathMajor  |  26

-.- I've done this so many times. Your tongue swells up in the place you bit it and then it just gets in the way of your teeth so you keep biting the same spot. Ouch.

  shadowsorel  |  15

I've actually fallen asleep in class during the eighth grade. So? I'm not perfect, and neither is OP. Hell, no one's perfect. Why? Because we're all human, and we all accidentally fall asleep at inappropriate times.

Unless you're some kind of weird alien freak...

  CaptTeemo  |  10

It's not that you try to fall asleep. I've had moments in class where I'm trying to pay attention and the next thing I know my face is on the desk.