By Anonymous - 28/09/2012 20:10 - United States - Kankakee

Today, I fell asleep in class. One minute I'm listening to a lecture, and twenty-five minutes later, I'm waking up screaming in agony in front of everyone after biting my tongue in my sleep. FML
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Sinamoi 18

I prefer my alarm clock, but whatever works for you I guess.

Sinamoi 18

Badly enough to wake up screaming in class.


Sinamoi 18

I prefer my alarm clock, but whatever works for you I guess.

Bit your tongue that hard in a dream? I wonder what you were dreaming about...

Op is a biter i see

Nice, a girl with a long tongue. ;3

JustDerpin 11

First the Laurie rp, now this? Stop

Please explain how this is bad.:(

13- well. For one, just because she bit her tongue doesn't mean she has a long tongue... And it's a waste of a comment at the top.

KiddNYC1O 20

Makes you sound like a semi perv.

LiterOfCola 16

2 you must have a tiny tongue. I feel sorry for your future girlfriend

How badly does biting your tongue really hurt? O.o

Sinamoi 18

Badly enough to wake up screaming in class.

Try it and find out.

In last 18 years have you,not once bit you tongue?!

flutter4 7

Sometimes you bite your tongue harder than other times

ruabadfishtoo 0

I once bit my tongue accidentally whilst chewing gum. The pain was almost unbearable. Your tongue has a lot of nerve endings I believe.

I know someone who bit his to tongue and had to get it stitched because he put two teeth through it

My brother bit his tongue almost completely off when he got into an auto accident and had to have it surgically re-attached. He was in so much pain, but even then didn't scream.

metroido 14

trust me, it’s worse than being shot.

I feel for you OP, the other day I bit my tongue three times in a row. That shit hurts

-.- I've done this so many times. Your tongue swells up in the place you bit it and then it just gets in the way of your teeth so you keep biting the same spot. Ouch.

tne201992 12

It hurts like hell, especially when you bite the inside of your cheek!

At least you got some good sleep?

What in class? That's what the bedroom is for. Duh

iliketomoveit123 10

I fall asleep and go to Narnia.

What did your teacher have to say about that? I suggest getting more sleep at night!

NeedaLifeSoon 2

The motto is i guess...stay awake in class. Ydi

Oh come on, like you haven't ever fallen asleep in class once?

I've actually fallen asleep in class during the eighth grade. So? I'm not perfect, and neither is OP. Hell, no one's perfect. Why? Because we're all human, and we all accidentally fall asleep at inappropriate times. Unless you're some kind of weird alien freak...

It's not that you try to fall asleep. I've had moments in class where I'm trying to pay attention and the next thing I know my face is on the desk.

grade 2nd period social was my nap time Every day

Why was your tung hanging out. What was your dream? :D

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thelinlinx3 10

That must've been embarrassing :P