By Unemployed - Malaysia
Today, I fell asleep during my division emergency meeting. As I about to head home that evening, my boss patted me on the back saying "Wrong move. Good luck". Turned out, it was a meeting to determine who will be kicked out of the company due to recession. My name was written first on the list. FML
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By  plexico  |  3

Bad shit happens when you fall asleep in meetings.

You get volunteered to do the worst tasks. You get assigned to supply the main dish at the company picnic. Your douchebag colleagues snap cell phone pics of you dozing and mass e-mail them all over the company. The office prankster dips your in warm water and then they video your crotch. This goes on to YouTube with your full name posted.

Getting laid off is merely a slightly worse-than-average consequence for falling asleep in a meeting.