By Anonymous - 10/01/2011 03:18 - United States

Today, I fed my cats their usual dinner of canned cat food. Without thinking, I put the spoon I had used for their food into my mouth so I could use both hands to rinse the can before recycling it. FML
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pet food is regulated by the fda and should be just as good for you as a can of soup. they did that because homeless ppl were buying pet food cause it's cheaper than ppl food

FDA regulates pet food too cause they found ppl who were poor were eating it as a cheaper alternative to soup


meow mix? my favorite

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that's what you get for trying to be a hero and save the planet..

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why not let the cat lick the spoon ?

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The past 5 FMLs, all have 2 #1's. Is there a reason?(:

It's not that bad, just dead rats intestines. That's what you get in McDonalds nowadays anyways.

oh yuck! :( ... what did it taste like? hahaha

I don't get how it's yuck. okay it's not made for humans but it's the same meat that we eat

I'd say it probably tasted about like cat food. :: Shrugs :: ... Just guessing though...

Thats pretty gross!! Just grab a toothbrush

Haha! How was it?

WTH?? I said grab a toothbrush and brush well...

How did it taste

Yeah I wanna know too. And don't worry it's fine. If it was bad the cats wouldn't touch it anyway!

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yum. catnip.

How do you possibly do that?!? I don't even use the same spoon I cook with to serve the food with! Why were you putting a dirty spoon where you could use it again? Next time, throw it in the sink or dish washer!

Ok wait, I fell off the short bus and it backed up over me! Why not throw it in the sink while you're rinsing the can?

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what a bitch !! you care so little for your cats that you feed them food that you refuse to use even the same spoon that you would feed yourself with ?? even after washing it?? you are a piece of shit ! you shouldn't even own a pet. you foul the air that the rest of us have to breathe....aarrgghh!!!

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I hope you're joking... stewpid idiot.

I'm confused... who said anything bout washing the spoon and not using it again? I said when I'm cooking dinner, I don't serve the food with the same one I cook the food with. I don't have cats, thank God! Cats are evil!

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