By Anonymous - 19/03/2012 16:28 - United States - Saint Paul

Today, I faked a sore throat for the school nurse so I could go home early. It took my dad the rest of the school day just to get there to pick me up. FML
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YDI for trying to skip school, smartass.

YDI for faking sick, but it'll suck to be you when you actually do get sick and it takes all day for your dad to pick you up. Not that this experience will motivate him to hurry in the future...


YDI for trying to skip school, smartass.

This would be an FML if you wrote you were dying sick

Lol this happened to me before!

OP + #26 = 2 idiots. Great minds think alike!

I agree. Totally deserved it. Who gets out of school for a sore throat anyways? I don't even see how this made it as an FML. "Today, I tried to get out of school and it didn't work. FML"

Lmfaoooooooooo dats life :P!!

OHai15 12

I already knew OP had it coming when they said " I faked a sore throat." smh ydi....

SmallyBigs 9

Everyone saying OP is an idiot. I'm sure 90% of us have faked sick before.

zakkyzebra 11

60. I'm pretty sure everyone has faked sick, but a sore throat? Really? You can get that from anything from gargling sand to sucking cock. You don't need to be sick to have a sore throat

blackheart24 10

#26-- BANG! Although I don't actually know what kind of face that is. Maybe she has too much food in her mouth?

Ok. What's smh?

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I mean at least you didnt have to go to class the rest of the day

95- Slimy Moneyless Hobo.

hahafylop 4

Smh-Shaking my head. is your friend if you don't know acronyms.

TheElderTROLLZ 15

How old is OP? Twelve? Thirteen? I imagine he's in 6th or 7th grade...

Are you related to the girl who tried to explain mph?

I have strep-throat and have to have a tonsillectomy, it's not gonna be fun.:(

113 I saw that vid today.. Maybe the funniest thing I've ever seen.

110- ya I'm thinking the same but even in that grade if I wanted to go home early I just left and either bussed or walked instead of possibly forcing my father to leave work for a fake illness. Idk though, maybe that's just me.

Like, You never tried too...

When he said that, I was imagining Red saying that.

that's what you get for faking lol

Woah! You get to go home for a sore throat? Our school nurses motto is, " drink more water" shell give you a cup of water and send you back. You have to have practically a fever or worse to go home..

More like dumbass, he won't be smart if he keeps skipping like that.

olpally 32

Yeah... You deserve it for trying to ditch school... Idiot...

OP did it completely wrong. You fake being sick before you get to school - not after you're already there.

Obviously still a beginner!

Rose_916 16

Maybe the nurse noticed OP was faking therefore told OP's dad to come at the end of the school day but ethier way YDI for trying to skip

YDI for faking sick, but it'll suck to be you when you actually do get sick and it takes all day for your dad to pick you up. Not that this experience will motivate him to hurry in the future...

That's karma for you!

kimgr 9

Yep karma's a b*tch

olpally 32

13- you're a creeper...

Ya? And you're gay

olpally 32

Nice comeback... Not...

Life's a bitch learn to fuck it.

SignUpisntcool 3

Finally someone uses the word karma right.

olpally 32

118- hilarious! :D

Ain't that a bitch

Wicked361 8

Not really it's more like a fail

OHai15 12

Much like #6's comment

I used to do that all the time! Brings back memories.

I wouldn't be so proud

Wow everyone FML must be angels, as if you all haven't skipped school or work at least once! If you haven't, live a little haha.

I guess I'm the only one who's been bad (:

Yup been there done that

Kinda selfish to make him take off work to pick you up when you weren't really sick. Couldn't you just daydream in class if you're that bored?

Or doodle? Or sleep? Or I don't know . . . actually pay attention and learn something, hmm?

Or walk out during lunch