By lifesabitch2016 - 24/05/2014 06:23 - United States - Moses Lake

Today, I explained to my dad that I had spent over three hours baking, frosting, and decorating a cake from scratch and how proud I was of it. Without even looking up at me, he replied, "You really need a boyfriend." FML
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Cooking skills like that? You're going to get a man for sure. What the hell want to go out?

Don't listen to him unless that's what you really want


you wont be first for long. (fml staff will remove it)

Don't listen to him unless that's what you really want

I agree 100%. A girl who is so dedicated to precise baking, a hard craft, shouldn't just float around trying to find boyfriends because her dad tells her. She will find someone, with an open eye of course, who appreciates her for who she is.

why does everyone think theres something wrong if youre single? some people dont want to be in relationships or arent ready for one, for whatever reason. you should be proud you baked from scratch, its time consuming. ignore your dad and get a boyfriend on your terms, no one elses.

No, don't listen to him. He needs to think of some BATTER advice than that!

grapefruit_hd 7

I thought the baker was a guy. Lol it was so much more funnier!!!

How's it funnier if it's a man baking? Please. Enlighten me, dah'ling. Clearly I need to be educated.

incoherentrmblr 21

It's a trap!

Cooking skills like that? You're going to get a man for sure. What the hell want to go out?

FML: basically eHarmony.

He want dat cake cake cake cake cake cake cake..

Nooo, the cake is a lie!

Want dem lies lies lies lies lies lies

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This whole thread is a win.

I hope he was kidding OP. I'm sure the cake you made is delicious! Continue to do what you enjoy :)

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I don't get how cooking makes you find the need for a boyfriend.

Ali_Br_fml 33

He was basically saying that she had so much free time to spend on the cake, and needs to be doing something "useful", like having a boyfriend... you know, because it's not like you'll be doing anything useful with the cake, like eating it or anything... That's what people say when I tell them how long my drawings take. I detest people like OP's dad, who see that you spent a long time on something, and immediately jump to the conclusion that you are lonely/pathetic and that you need a boyfriend, because you are wasting your time by doing something that you love.

TheDrifter 23

Oh, I thought the issue here was op spending days alone, beautifully decorating home made cakes, then eating the entire thing solo. I was about to suggest op at least look for a bestie to come over and help lower the calorie count.

Assuming he was doing something (without looking up at me). the dad might have been suggesting if she had a SO she wouldnt be inturupting him with her baking achievements. Some guys just dont talk much or want to relax in peace.

Everyone has their time! Bake away girl!

Your dad sounds very rude.

Your dad is very rude*

#18, unless you don't speak English, I'm worried about the fact that you thought that was bad grammar...

They weren't fixing grammar they were changing an implication into an absolute statement. Is English your first language?

That doesn't seem to be any of his business. He should be thankful you care enough to do something like that.

I will take the cake off your hands while you find a boyfriend.

Looks like dad doesn't get a piece of delicious cake!