By scarredforlife - 12/02/2016 09:00 - New Zealand - Palmerston North

Today, I experienced one of those moments in life you never forget. I walked into a homeless man masturbating in a parking garage stairwell. FML
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Ever wish those memory wipers from Men in Black really existed?

Brain bleach... Now


Brain bleach... Now

At least it's a moment to remember...

He just needed a hand.

Ever wish those memory wipers from Men in Black really existed?

Maybe they do and you just forgot.

those have a name. Neuralyzers

take out your eyeballs. marinate them in clorox for a few days. wash them thoroughly. let them dry in the sun. repeat process a couple of times before returning eyeballs to sockets.

Instructions unclear, got dick stuck in eye socket.

Lol it's been a while since I've seen one of these

Those places are always full of surprises

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Oh yeah I'm sure OP just dropped to his knees in excitement. It's not like he posted a Fuck My Life about it. Oh wait...

Maybe if the OP dropped to his knees, the homeless man wouldn't have been masturbating ;)

That must be a sticky situation

LOL for OP, but not for the homeless guy...or for him...depends in how ya look at et

Why don't people knock anymore?!?!

Why would he decide that would be the best place..

He's homeless lol. The world is his house.

I suppose.. there's just better places he can do that though..

Do you diddle your flesh fiddle wherever you are in your home, #25? Or do you use restroom/bedroom? There are places he could go.

For him it was the right place at the right time (assuming that he's right hand dominant) for her it was the wrong place at the right time.

Lol @ "diddle your flesh fiddle"