By Anonymous - 18/04/2009 05:09 - United States

Today, I drove past a firehouse that had volunteer firemen taking collections. I take out a $20 and start to roll the window down when I remember my window was broken. I ended up driving by, holding the $20 against the window, staring at the fireman. Now the fireman thinks I was taunting him. FML
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Why didn't you just stop?

You could have stopped, cracked the door open and handed it to him


Haha genius!!

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Does anyone realize that he had to be driving on the left side of the road to be pressing a bill against the window?

they stand in the center of the road taking donations, so it's possible.

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That's definitely not true. They can stand in the middle, like on a medium or something. Happens all the time.

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well that sucks!! lol he's probably going to light your house on fire.

Use the money to fix your window

Why didn't you just stop?

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or open your door a little and drop it in

More than likely they were standing at a stop light and the light was green

Well that sucks , FYL

You could have stopped, cracked the door open and handed it to him

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120, Your comment gave me cancer.

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haha They aren't gonna come if/when your house catches fire now!

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why the hell did you not stop the car and open the door?

Hehehe, that's funny. Why didn't you stop your car like #4 did? Because now you ARE taunting the dude. NO TREATS FOR YOU

lmao imagine if it was for a homeless shelter.

Unless, of course, you secretly wanted to taunt him.... open the door.

yeah...just open the door, you're an asshole for not bothering to do that.