By eddie818 - 10/06/2012 07:54 - Canada - Sidney

Today, I drove my drunk sister home after a wild night of partying. She did not go to bed as I expected; instead, she laid in the bathtub and cried every time I left her. Now it's 3AM, and she's using her bra as a lasso for various objects in the room. The best part is I work in 4 hours. FML
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Atleast you're being a good brother, and looking after her. Could've been Alot worse.

She'll pass out eventually.


She'll pass out eventually.

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Eventually always mixes well with "work in 4 hours"

reddudeover 2

1 - Another case where having chloroform on hand would have been ideal. (warning don't chloroform drunk people, or sober people for that matter)

If she does, turn her on her side, so she doesn't aspirate her vomit. Jimi Hendrix reportedly died that way (although that's been disputed...long story). Encourage her to drink plenty of water. And avoid Tylenol/acetaminophen/paracetamol for the hangover, it can cause liver damage if you take it after drinking heavily. Not a doctor, not medical advice, yada. Babysitting drunks sucks...been there, dun that, in my youth. I stopped hanging out with people who needed babysitting when, like you, I started working at jobs where I had to be alert and responsible and couldn't do it on four hours of sleep.

If all else fails, just knock her out yourself...

Man, she sounds like a RacistPancake...

25- your shirt fell off.

reddudeover 2

84. My shirt is a straight jacket.

86- is 84/88 known for that or are you just trying to stereotype FMLers?

reddudeover 2

98 - RWAR!!!! D:

ilovenotyou 0

Yes, but let's hope she doesn't pass out in the tub..

Atleast you're being a good brother, and looking after her. Could've been Alot worse.

Very true. Be grateful it's you she's around in this state.

I hope you're referring to Hyperbole and a Half. If so, I care for that Alot.

I know nobody wanted to say it, but she coulda been raped :/

It's good your caring for your sister. In this state she's vonerable to any one. She could have it a lot worse. You're keeping her safe!

KeannaLove 32

Hey it's better you got her home safely rather than her drunk driving. Sometimes you gotta make sacrifices.

I know all about sacrifices OP. One time, I had to throw a guy into a volcano and do a wild dance to please the Internet godz. Good news is that I got my WiFi back. Bad news is that I didn't get it back away because that mother fucker took ages to disintegrate. Some people are so careless of others.

Just stay and sleep there. Sorry OP

You're a good brother to her :) You should be proud about that, even taking some of your own time to care for her even though you think it's a little hassle. Fyl, but you should be proud of yourself!:) Cheers. #2 beat me to it

reddudeover 2

5 - There's always someone just a bit quicker. Still very sound advice and another great comment. :)

I'm glad there are people like 2 and 4, always gives me a smile seeing other positive people :)

I agree. BUT... Then again she could be a spoiled brat who only cares about herself while her caring brother is taking care of her. On the other hand, let's just stay positive.

I'm sorry. That's horrible. Will you have to take a shower before you leave? Because then you will be screwed. Maybe you shouldn't tell her you are leaving....

If your sister can get drunk and be responsible for drinking and i'm sure you can just leave her in the bathtub and go to sleep since you're working in 4 hours, either way FYL

Dafuq did I just read?

xXxIracebethxXx 14

#34 - An FML comment. Any more stupid questions?

This wasn't really a 'dafuq' moment was it?

To be honest, that's her own fault for getting that drunk. If she's old enough to drink she's old enough to bear the consequences without screwing her brother's night over. Nice of you to do this, OP, but I definitely wouldn't have judged you for leaving her in the tub either.

And now I really want to try out that bra lasso thing.

Been their, done that. Let me tell you it's no "Accio."

There* dammit! I'm better than that.

Fuck yo fairy accent

My cats like it when I lasso then with my bra:) I think...

Probably not, but keep doing your thing.

you can do it on me as well. I'll like it ;)

9 - My cat sleeps in my bras. He pulls them out of the hamper and curls up with them.

39- Makes sense. Cats love milk. Buh dum chhhh *crickets*

Redoxx_fml 22

Cowboy hat on the door?