By moron - 28/05/2011 00:04 - United States

Today, I drove my boyfriend to hospital because he felt extremely ill. His buddies had gotten their hands on a taser, and he had the brilliant idea of being shot as part of a Youtube stunt video. Now I have an empty gas tank and have to clean up a puddle of vomit in my living room. FML
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At least it wasn't a hand gun...

Morons will be morons..


At least it wasn't a hand gun...

Hey 6, go on fucking eharmony. This isn't a dating site.

lol at desperate Internet creepers, stay in the mineshafts

chill bro I'm just saying she was cute I'm not trying to pick her up

so what's the video called?

So how many views did he get.

I see what you did there ;)

Wow, what a shock that must have been.

playing with a taser is always a smart thing to do.. on tuesdays.

I don't get it...

someone explain the joke.

Could you give me the backstory? I'm lost.

Boys will be boys?

Morons will be morons..

bitches will be hatin. Combo breaker

There wasn't really a combo yet.. you fail

I agree, 2-hit combo followed by a counter isn't really that epic.

well you should make his friends clean up his puke

I agree, and make them pay for the gas. Jesus, what some guys won't do in the name of their own stupidity. No excuse for it, really.

Lol, he sounds like a swell guy. Send him my way, I wouldn't mind getting assfucked senseless by the dear boy.

did he shit his pants? I don't mean a prairie dog I mean a full load?

guys these days do the craziest things.

you haven't the slightest idea ; )

Not just anything. Everything.

hahaa, ground him for playing with dangerous materials!

Hahaha, what's the link?

There is a slight chance a taser shock can put your heart in spasms and stop altogether. He shouldn't play with tasers ever again.