By Anonymous - 18/01/2012 11:30 - Australia

Today, I drove into a cluster of dustbins thanks to my dozy cat who'd managed to get into my car, fall asleep, and wake up while I was driving to work. I lost control when I was startled by him staring at me in the rear-view mirror. FML
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Sounds like a CAT-tastrophe

Aww Aussies say dustbins


Aww Aussies say dustbins

I say garbage bins..he must be from W.A.

I live in Queensland and most people seem to say either dustbin or trash can.

I'm from Victoria and we just call the bins :D

I don't have garbage, I live in a tree... Therefore... I have no name for it.

ydi for having a cat

This is one good fml Ahaha

I say bin, cause im not fucking stupid and i live where english originated from

Funny how different states have different words for things. I live in Nsw here we call it rubbish bin. Tad off topic, can anyone from victoria tell me what a scallop is? ...

I am from WA and never said dustbin. We say rubbish bin.

I'm from queensland, and most people say garbage bin, or rubbish bin.

here in Amurrica they call them "Trash Cans". THEY'RE NOT CANS FOR CHRIST'S SAKE. THEY'RE BINS OR CONTAINERS.

115- We don't always call them trash cans. There are many other variations we use.

Reeeeeally hard to take someone who says "im not stupid" seriously.

Am I the only one wondering how his cat got in his car? That cat Is a ninja!

Scallop is seafood

133- up here, scallop is flat potato fried in a batter

137- those are scalloped potaoes. a scallop is a type of seafood, a bit like clams or oysters.

But if you ask for a scallop here in sydney at any take away shop. Guaranteed they will give you potato.

bamagrl410 31

115 - They used to be cans until cities started regulating trash pick up & required usage of the square plastic containers. Though I highly doubt the usage of the term trash can will cease anytime soon.

Being from NSW, I say rubbish bin or just bin. I'm not retarded.

French have the best word for it. Poubelle tehehehehehe

I'm also from WA and I say wheelie bin. Or rubbish bin, but mostly wheelie bin.

Damn Americans!!! Always find it funny or cute when people don't say words the same as them....idk, I guess it just pisses me off

bamagrl410 31

156 - It's bad that we find other cultures intriguing because we haven't been exposed to it? I mean if you'd like us to be completely selfish & arrogant & think our culture is the only one in the world, I'm sure the majority would be happy to oblige. *roll eyes* And besides, it's not just Americans who find it interesting when someone else uses a different term for something.

That awkward moment when you make eye contact..

OP's cat is a ninja..

OP's cat can't be ninja... He's been seen!

:p He should be friends with the ninja cat on youtube.

That awkward moment when you realize your cat really is trying to kill you ...

All cats are trained assassins. Stay nice to them pet them and feed them or your dead. I've seen my cat attack a bird mid flight. I am very much afraid of my cat… be thankful your cat let you live another day op

My cat cought a rabbit. She doesn't have claws... The rabbit was her size... (very funny day) Anyways.... You're dead*

That awkward moment when stewey from family guy calls you asking for his cat back

Cats are such a$$holes.

More like a pussy if you ask me.... Trying to intimidate you from the backseat....

pussies are not assholes. I know some guys make that mistake in the dark.

How can you fuck that up.... I know they're close, but..... Just.... You'd know..

This reminds me of the dicks, pussies, and asshole speech in Team America

35- I'm from MN too, how about we see just who well you can tell one body part from another;)

^I think you're on the wrong site. Try

Let's go, I'm certain I can distinguish an asshole, from a vagina any day.... In the dark, with my hands tied behind my back.... (this sounds hard now that k thinking about it...)

Ya I no I hate them

35- I'm from MN also. Three-way? ;)

Why not, let's just have a big MN sausage-fest.

Sounds like a CAT-tastrophe

I see what you did there..

Bring your cat to work day?

56- if you didn't I'd be worried...

Bad pun. I like it...

not gonna lie, that made me laugh way harder than it probably should have xD

Horror movie cat

Your cat is The Devil Inside

That movie was awful.

Really? Looks creepy as fuck. ^

Oh hi again :3.I know, but trust me it's not worth it. Then again i don't know why you'd trust me :P.

Eh, who knows. People have odd taste in horror movies.

True, but i prefer mine, you know, scary hehe.

And that comment was as bad as the movie.

Satanic cat.

How did you manage to get a fuckin' drivers license in the first place? (not that I'd really want to know... I fear a "TMI" response....)

Your profile pic disturbs me

What does his cat startling him have anything to do with his qualifications of being a licensed driver? He probably got his drivers license by taking a drivers-ed course, passing the driving test, and going to a DMV or something of the sort and getting the rectangular card that has his picture on it and shows where he lives and what not.. That is probably how he got his drivers license.

I think the point was you need to be able to maintain control of your car. Even if, a cat scares you. e.g. If a car pulls out in front of you, you need to be able to maintain control of the car and hit the brakes.

I'm sorry, do they test for unexpected, unlikely attacks by unusual means during driving exams? What? Does the instructor randomly pull out a nerf gun and start shooting you while you try to parallel park? I didn't think so, therefore it's not a requirement to drive, therefore op may be a perfectly qualified driver, who when startled by cats occasionally drives off the road.

Thank you. If a fuckin cat can startle OP into a wreck, the roads aren't safe.

Then you wouldn't enjoy a vacation on Orient Beach (St Martin, FWI).

Obviously I wouldn't enjoy seeing a bunch of nude old guys looking for younger nude women..who probably aren't there..I've seen Eurotrip

23, Getting a license in Australia is a bit more complicated than that xP We have 3 different tests, as well as a log book for 25/50 hours over a minimum of 6 months where you have to drive with someone who's had their license for at least 4 years.

How did ur cat get in the car? Was ur window wide open? If so, be happy there weren't worse things in your car

Like an orgy of homeless people defiling your beautiful Prius.

Where is the orgy of homeless people from again? I vaguely remember that but not sure from what.

Everyone shut the fuck up, 86 is trying to think.

86- The Other Guys

Don't tell me, and the cat started talking about how he's actually a real man that was cursed by a witch? O.o

Did you get that from Sabrina the teenage which?

Nice reference! :)

14 - Haha, you don't know which witch.

Which old witch? The wicked witch!

Ydi for owning a stalker cat.