By moron - 09/05/2011 17:15 - United Kingdom

Today, I dropped my hair straightener. The good news is I caught it. The bad news is I caught it by the iron itself. FML
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MC18 0

Snapp...that hurts. 27... pull up your pants.

I agree her pants looks like they belong to her little sister


PrinceMBeezy 0

Bad burn?!

I did that once. ouch :S

Reflexes.. Curse, and blessing.

So catching it on the hot part probably caused you to drop it through instincts so you probably didn't catch it.

So catching it on the hot part probably caused you to drop it through instincts so you probably didn't catch it.

MC18 0

Snapp...that hurts. 27... pull up your pants.

this totally just happened to me last week.. in the process, I kicked my foot back and got the worse cut ever.. I even tried to post this as an FML!? that's no fair..

imacreeper 3

it happens to the best of us, OP :( 52, why are you telling 27 to put her pants up? the girl in her picture is 99.9999999 percent not her anyway, lol.

MC18 0

Who cares if it's her or not!? it's freaking unnecessary... nobody needs to see that much of anybodys ass in a FML prof pic.

HugeRedRash 0

58 get over it? it's an ass. you have one as well. now cover your face up cause nobodu wants to see it in a FML pic.

MC18 0

Ha you're so hilar... funny I'm not the one making a big deal about this either. other people are the ones who feel the need to argue with me so just chill. everyone can have their own opinion. kbye.

HugeRedRash 0


HugeRedRash 0

your argument is invalid

MC18 0

mmmkay. I could really care less what YOU think.

HugeRedRash 0

same to you girlie. i'm merely saying if you think a butt is gross when you have one yourself then you might as well say arms and legs are gross too.

MC18 0

? kay.

HugeRedRash 0

le sigh

I agree her pants looks like they belong to her little sister

spider63 0

maybe when she was looking for a fake fml profile picture it was the sluttiest one she could get away with

Who gives a shit what picture she puts on her profile? She didn't ask for your opinion on what she's wearing so leave her alone.

HugeRedRash 0

my point exactly 81

MC18 0

oh really 84? cause last time I checked it was that "if you think a butt is gross when you have one yourself you might as well say arms and legs are gross too". nice try there sparky.

HugeRedRash 0

that was basically what i was saying 86. who cares what her pictures is and its just a butt so dont be a little girl about it.

MC18 0

okay whatever I really don't care... you have your opinion and I have mine let's leave it at that and be mature about this.

Hmm. You say let's be mature about this, you were the one being immature in the first place.

if you didn't care why do you keep commenting?

oemgeezz 0

oh my goodness, I was busy readin all this. what was the fml about?

oemgeezz 0

oh my goodness, I was busy readin all this. what was the fml about?

MC18 0

hhhmmm 92... I'm not being immature by voicing my opinion you're being immature by feeling the need to keep trying get your way... and I honestly don't care what their opinion is is what I mean by I don't care. P.S why do you two care cause you werent even part of this in the first place. I don't want to discuss this anymore.... we are DONE talking about this.

Actually, you were being immature by talking shit about what she's wearing, as well as whoever else said something about what she was wearing. No one asked for you to be a bitch to her for showing off her body, she can if she wants to. You're aloud to have your opinion, but there is no need for you to comment telling her she needs to put pants on or not, it's none of your concern. No I wasn't involved in this conversation, but I'm sticking up for her. I stick up for everyone who's pictures get shit talked about them from people. I'm sure if your picture was getting shit talked about it, you'd want me to stick up for you also. We can argue about this all day if you'd like. Bottom line, if you don't want people to be telling you off for talking shit, don't talk it in the first place. :)

MC18 0

I definitely agree with you! But I just feel it's very unnecessary. I'm glad there's people out there like you who are willing so stick up for people, If I offended her or anybody else I'm sorry. Only trying to voice my opinion.

Normally I would be fine with voicing your opinion. But in the case that it's against people's looks, or what they're wearing, I find it unnecessary. It's their way of expressing themselves, and if that's how she wishes to express herself, then so be it. :) Sorry if I offended you also.

MC18 0

I think we kinda took over this FML... haha

kiaralove53 0

That's soo creepy the same thing happened to me today :/

kiaralove53 0

the iron thing not the pants thing

oh I have grabbed my straightner my the iron too many times to count

mandywaffles 0

It's just a profile picture. If she wants to have her pants low, let her be.

98 holy crap too tired to read all that :/

you can't handle the truth !!!

BlackOpsPWNR 0

FUCK FML!!!!!!!! keeps crashing!!!!!!

HugeRedRash, congratulations on making my top ten biggest FML flame fails ever. She never said butts are disgusting, just that it's a trashy pic. (even though that pic is from google images hahaa)

Okay dude, let's get over it now:)

LunaNstars 0

wow. i like the fights over FML comments. the things you guys say are all so hilarious


badbe 0

I think it's kinda funny that Jess tried to grab attention by joining in. haha what am I saying funny for? I meant pathetic.

I think it's funny that mc18 got owned!!! go jess!

I think it's funny how you're trying to grab attention by joining in right now 167! How ironic you would say that(:

MC18 0

yeahhh pretty sure we're done talking about this everyone...

maan..wut da fuck happened to the whole "No Conversions in The Comment Section" rule, and Sirin's suggestion to take their conversions over to personal msgs.. I shouldn't have to read all that bullshit for me to get a decent laugh from a decent comment ABOUT the FML. !

Ouch I've done that too, it's horrible. Especially when you have to wrap it when you go to school cuz you need to be able to write and people ask you what you did to your hand... They made me feel like the stupidest person alive

Ooh, ouch. Sorry about that:/

I've done the same with a wood burning pen. Blistered my entire palm.

That's a shame.... :/

No one likes a smartass, 14.

TinyDude 10

Good news is that u just saved 200 bucks by catching it. Bad news is that u will prolly need to spend about 200 dollars in medical fees.

I did the same thing! only I caught it between my legs, and I was wearing shorts. I had 2 stripes the length of the side of the iron scarred into my thighs for years!

That's gotta hurt.

konjaman 0

so do you drop the hair straightener?

Should have just let it fall...

Next time catch it between your toes.

my sister caught hers with her foot yesterday morning.... turns out that hurts pretty bad too.

would have never figured

Why is it good news OP caught the iron at all? I doubt the floor would burst into flame.

but if it's an expensive iron, it may break. duh!

blondbabe34c 0

ive tried catching it before, it's an automatic reaction.

screw the hair straightener, would all that money be worth a burn?

I'd say yes, to some extent. besides, it's an automatic reaction.

If I dropped a light saber I would keep my feet the hell away to lessen the impact, in order to avoid having my feet chopped off.

when you drop a hammer, would you automatically try to catch it or move your feet away?

but a hammer wouldn't break if you dropped it.

I think for most people, regardless of the object, if they drop something, they would probably attempt to catch it. Be it a hammer, hair iron, plate, so on and so forth. You can think and tell yourself what you want, but when things like this happen, you don't have a chance to think. That's why it's an automatic response.

cldean24 4

A light saber is not real, duh loser. And catching a straightened wouldn't chop your feet or hands off so there is less risk. A hammer is also not a good comparison because they cost a lot less that a chi hair straightener. This is more comparable to trying to catch the nice phone that happens to be hooked into a wall and has 300 degrees plates slightly protected from your grasp, but not completely. Yes, you are going to try to salvage it with the risk of a burn because it is expensive and you cherish what you have.

you got me, smiling at the reaction is an automatic response I get from saying something 'troll-like', lol.

lottso88 4

I would try to catch it.

My automatic reaction for when something is hot is to not catch it. If you can keep in mind that an iron might bust if it drops, you can keep in mind that it's scalding hot. Op seems to be more concerned with the cost of the iron. Fyl.

flighted 1

Reflex. I bet 50% of girls who straighten their hair a lot have done this or almost done it. I have. :( luckily it had just turned on and wasn't super hot

#35 I beg to differ, if it ain't a Stanley hammer it ain't worth shit.

Well anyway, my point didn't concern whether something was expensive or not while you have your conditioned response. If you were carrying something heavy, like a table, you probably would feel the fear or danger of being injured if you tried to catch it before it falls to the floor..

and of course me being smart, dropped it and cracked it. a small burn > 80$ but then again with new ones I always catch it by the cable.

ky765 0


BaskenRobin 2

Good reflexes at least!! Crappy that your stellar reflexes lead to a burnt hand.

Reflexes may be a good thing, but adding unnecessary reflexive pronouns at the end of sentences is not!

Catching a hair straightener is like catching à knife - not a very good idea

CateXOX 0

Catching a knife is a very good idea if the alternative is it stabbing your foot.

Or else you could just let it hit the floor by removing your foot :)

cammiixy 4

ya u should off let it just drop... but it seems like u would let it drop on your foot


bad news: your not very smart

The irony amuses me.

kiaralove53 0

It's called an automatic response it has nothing to do with intelligence.

oliveindamiddle 0

I did this once as well, but with a curling iron. I feel for ya OP, I still have a scar