By ray - 16/02/2012 18:36 - Canada

Today, I dropped my bag to run after my two-year-old who had bolted in the parking lot. Once he was in his seat, I got in and drove away. I felt two large thumps as I drove over my own iPad, cellphone and wallet. FML
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Fyl. You did what was best for the kid but at the same time smashed $1000. Let's just be happy it wasn't your baby that got ran over.

I'm also a teenager, and lives are always more important than technology.


And that's why you don't leave your iPad on the ground ;)

I think the 2 year old is more important.. They just should have remembered to pick it up..

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I'm also a teenager, and lives are always more important than technology.

It was a joke...

It wasn't a very funny one.

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I thought jokes were supposed to be funny...

18- yeah fucking fuck yeah! Fucking shit fucking...bitch ass fuck!

Sorry that was for 15

38- who cares if people thumb you down or what they think about you. I don't get why people are so scared about it that they can't speak their minds...

Ahhhh the joys of parenthood. The comedy value would be great....if your life was a movie. Fyl.

And that's also why you should let your 2 year old run away and maybe come to me, where I raise him as my own to kidnap children, howl at the moon, and troll.

Look, that was uncalled for, you just shouldn't have said it, and then tried to save yourself by poorly trying to convince us it was a joke.

26, It's called opinion. People find different things funny, especially in different age groups and cultures. Funny is a subjective term and what you mean to say is "I don't find this funny". You're welcome.

I'm welcome to what? I never thanked you. :p

Sureee why not leave the baby unattended and instead make sure that the ipad is on the ground oh! and look...the baby is on the that joke is hilarious...right? and im 17....................i worry about the people of our future....

I'm from the future the year 2017 everyone still gets offended at everything but it's worse. Anyways Cupcake i thought it was funny lol

That sucks, but damn, he's two! You know you have to watch him closely at all times, especially in places like parking lots. They are hella fast and will get away from you in the blink of an eye.

for some bizarre reason i cried "stop!!!" as i read the end of the fml. Is that weird?

What was she supposed to do, had the kid on a lead. These things happen and least he's safe.

This is when those children leashes come in handy.

Fyl. You did what was best for the kid but at the same time smashed $1000. Let's just be happy it wasn't your baby that got ran over.

Agreed. You can easily replace your broken electronics, but you can't replace your child. It's well worth it!!!

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145-nothing is worse than a lost child

152- he was kidding

You saved his life, you should be happy!

A positive net outcome is not necessarily going to make someone happy...

FML is the reason I don't want kids

From the looks of your pic, too late?

should i ask why you have one sitting on ya lap ?

curses, reddox !!

The baby could be a relative, 48.

And yet 7 you have one sitting in your lap. Yes it could be a relative but I have a feeling that's her kid.

tis a kid nonetheless #54

That little angel face is actually my nephew

That's awesome...

Am I the only one wondering if the iPad and cell phone still work?

No you're not

...they ran it over...what do you think

I dunno. Depending on how they went over it I know some devices can survive being run over.

No, common sense should tell you that it wouldn't be an fml if it was still working.

Unless the phone was a Nokia, OP is shit out of luck.

You dumb shit. Go run over a iPad in a car and see if it works.

9- Maybe it's the parent in me, but I don't care one lick if the tech toys work or not: All I can think of is a child running out into traffic, with a horrible ending to that story. :( Child's alive and safe, everything else is minor details.

That was one expensive speed bump. (Is that the correct word? Correct me if I'm wrong)

Which word? It all looks fine to me.

I didn't know if speed bump was the right word ;)

Speed bumps, lumps, or humps all work. It is said different in different areas.

I like "speed humps." Heh. Hehe. Hehehehe. |the kid|

I moderated this an hour ago. It had something about how the Apple warranty expired three days previously. Does FML always cut off submitted stories?

I usually see one followed by the same one with a few extra words added, looks like that happened here and this one was thought to be funnier.

I was mowing my lawn when you did that. FYL though

#17 what does mowing your lawn have to do with the story. No one cares about your damn grass. Make a status update next time. So your mom and aunt Can read it.

Geeeeeez why is everyone so negative today?

27-I suppose some people are still trying to get over Valentines day?

90- I suppose so, I am still getting over it a little bit myself.. Oh well at least I'm being nice :)

120- one of the only few, might I add.