By Anonymous
Today, I dropped in on my wife at her part time waitressing job. As I was leaving, I gave her tushie a playful squeeze. I was then tackled by some acne-ridden teenage blockhead trying to impress the hot waitress by beating up the guy groping her. FML
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By  SpaceToast  |  24

You deserve it for groping your wife at her work, in public. The teen could have possible been concerned for her safety, maybe all that he saw was some random guy grabbing a waitresses butt? Also, doing this at her work could get her in a lot of trouble as well: I know my boss would have fired me if my boyfriend came in and flirted with me while on shift, in front of customers.

By  SpaceToast  |  24

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  Suaria  |  37

I realize you are joking, but those situations are completely different. A person who you're in a relationship with touching your butt is completely different than a random person touching your butt. Just because you see a person touch another person's butt doesn't mean you are allowed to do the same thing.

  Mungolikecandy  |  19

For all the teen knew it was a stranger assaulting her.

By  Suaria  |  37

The teenager had the right idea, and we need more people like him. He obviously didn't realize you guys were married and saw it as a man groping a waitress's butt. That has good intentions for what he did.

By  Mungolikecandy  |  19

The teen witnesses a random man sexually assaulting (as it appears) a waitress who is at work. He tackles the man. Kudos to the teen I say as he stood up to someone who he believed was willing to assault a woman in public.

By  ItchySasquatch  |  9

Boy, awful lot of people in this comment section telling this guy exactly how the relationship he's in works. Squeezing your wife's ass once in a while is sometimes just a cute past time for couples. Lay off the poor guy.